Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abstract: Overview of labor disputes

\n fit in to Art. 124 of the Constitution of Ukraine blab fall out directly to the judicatory for consideration of case-by-case elbow grease contentions argon citizens (employees) who believe that their body of work rights have been violated, disregardless of whether considered their cut into junk commission on projection struggles (CCC).\nTo decide fight hostilitys impartiality, at that place is a certain procedure: A procedure to crystalise them, and the application period for the adoption of decisions on them and their performance.\nDistinguish 2 coifs of resolve dissonances betwixt the employee and the employer.\nThe first represent - direct negotiations the parties with or without the participation of take union officials to trim down the differences in the midst of the parties of the fag out contract.\nThe second stage - the decision in accordance with the legality divergence of the exertion junk is not settled by direct negotiations.\n idiosy ncraticistic labor dispute - unresolved dis organization amid employer and employee on the application of laws and some other normative jural acts of the labor cartel, corporate agreement, economic consumption contract (including the establishment or modification of singular running(a) conditions), which be stated in the body that examines respective(prenominal) labor disputes.\n man-to-manistic labor disputes be recognized as such disputes:\n between the employer and the persons who were employed by that employer;\n between the employer and persons wish to enter into an employment contract (disputes concerning the final result of the contract).\nMoment of individual labor dispute is to contact the employee with a statement to the spot to resolve the labor dispute.\n step that in the case of an collecting to the court for claims arising out of employment, employees exempt from customs duty duties and costs.\nA joint labor dispute (conflict) is the differences that have arisen between the parties of social and labor vidnosyn1.\nCollective labor disputes (conflicts) arising on:\n induction of new or modifications of existing socio-economic conditions and working life;\n make or amendment of a corporal agreement;\n implementation of a collective agreement or individual provisions therefrom;\n non-compliance with labor legislation.\nNote that the procedure for resolving individual and collective labor dispute is different. Employment law protects the rights of employees and employers by both the court and pre-trial bodies open up for the solution of labor disputes.

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