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Destiny, Fate and Free Will in Homers Odyssey - Self-Determination :: Homer Odyssey fatody

Self-Determination in The Odyssey   Self-determination is a strong characteristic that Odysseus portrays in The Odyssey. The three traits that Odysseus portrays as attest of his self-determination are endurance, perseverance, and courage.  Odysseus, like most humans, has his doubts of confidence, but seems to overcome them. Odysseus both(prenominal)times doubts his courage and passion for living. He shows this as he asks, but Circe, who will be my pilot on this journey?(100). Here, Odysseus questions his ability to lead his crew onward. He then overcomes this barrier and triumphs with self-confidence.   Zeus thinks that Odysseus is courageous and gallant. He therefore commands that, Odysseus shall go forth upon his homeward way, not with gods guidance nor with that of a mortal man but by himself... (45). This is ironic because later on, Odysseus receives help and is presented challenges from the gods. Without the interference of the gods, Odysseus would have sailed ho me ten dollar bill years before.   To be courageous, you must contain great wit within the walls of your heart and the cells of your brain. There is no better example of this than when I Odysseus then organize the plan within my daring heart of closing on him, drawing my sharp sword from my thigh, and stabbing him in the breast... (85). Here the Cyclops faces his doom at the hands of Odysseus guile. Although Odysseus displays guile, others does not fool him.   Now, although courage is a strong and important aspect it is nothing without endurance or Stamina. This aspect is represented when,... I Odysseus by swimming forced my way through the flood, till at your coast the wind and water brought me...but I turned back and swam until I reached a pullulate where the ground seemed most fit...then gathering my strength, I staggered out, and the immortal night drew near (67). By not giving up and refusing to join his crew some of his crewmembers in the hall of Hades, Odysseus en dures what we would wake up crying from. If Odysseus had lacked this quality, the novel, The Odyssey, would have had a great deal less pages to read.   Odysseus often fools and deceives his enemies into their own dreadful doom by using the guile that he is so renowned for. Without endurance, he would have no nerve to beguile his foes while not being disillusioned by them. Odysseus receives inspiration and motivation as he is told .

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Antibiotic Usage Essay -- Biology, DNA

This optimism has been dissipated long before the 20th century when the proliferation of antibiotic bulwark bacteria became evident as Fleming predicted earlier. With the rapid development of infectious malady associated with antibiotic resistance forced us to change the way we view disease and the way we treat patients. However, antibiotic use has not been without consequence and some(prenominal) factors had contributed to the development of resistance. Some resistances are due to spontaneous regeneration and these mutations are for select antibiotic resistance whilst other bacteria tend to steal the deoxyribonucleic pane of glass (DNA) from their counterparts who are already familiar with antibiotics (Mims, 2004 Tenover, 2006).Antibiotic remained effective against most bacterial infection, however these bacterial cells develop resistance and continue to divide resulting in a resistant population and some are no longer effective against infectious disease that was killed few years ago (Levy, 2000). The impact of antibiotic resistance could lead to more infectious diseases that are hard to treat and could result in a global threat making it difficult as mutation and evolutionary pressure cause increase in antibiotic resistance (Strelkauskas et al, 2010). Antibiotics are extremely important medicine but unfortunately bacteria snuff it resistant make it problematic as antibiotic resistance had posed problem around the world people continued to travel and modern applied science and sociology exacerbated the development of resistant strains, these strains are transferred from infected people causing a repeat in cycle as they moved from one place to the future(a) (WHO, 2001). Increased globalisation is responsible for resistance, in large overpopulat... ...odified penicillin binding proteins. Some resistant bacteria could be dangerous for example MRSA and the vancomycin resistant staph auerus that are virulent in human pathogens (Strelkauskas, 2010 ) by reducing the permeability of their membranes as a way of keeping out antibiotic by turn of events off production of porin and other proteins (Weston, 2008), for example the multi-drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis. In pathogens such as Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus, efflux pumps played a major purpose in multi-drug resistance likewise Klebsiella species becoming resistance and other bacteria producing enzymes from Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase (Livermore and Hawley, 2005 Tenover, 2006) also multi-drug resistance antibiotics Acinetobacter Baumanii and the New Delhi Metallo-1(NDM-1) causing havoc amongst the healthcare setting (HPA, 2010).

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Fossil Fuels and the Environment: :: Envrionmental Pollution Essays

Fossil Fuels and the EnvironmentEver since I was a little girl Ive been watching cartoon shows care Captain Planet, which talked about pollution and the earth. I didnt really understand what they were talking about then and its sad to say that only recently hire a grasped the true message of the show. As kids and adolescents were mostly told to recycle, it wasnt until college that I acquired a broader perspective on the typesetters case of preserving the environment. Fossil fuels are an indispensable bust of human survival. However, from beginning to end this process leaves many scars on the planet. In the process of extracting coal for example, we destroy the expire soil of the earth. Before the environmental acts, the holes where the jab was performed were left uncovered, creating acid lakes from the iron pyrite left behind. End use produces pollutants from combustion, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxide (SOX and NOX), particulate matter (ROX), and carbon monoxide (CO) and un-b urnt hydrocarbons (UHC). These pollutants, both separately or in combination with one another, are responsible for smog in the ozone, acid rain, and The Greenhouse Effect. Now comes the interesting part. The earth gets the bulk of its heat from the radiation of the sun. Most of this heat should be radiated into space, yet this process is being obstructed by the amount of CO2 and other gases. While researching for this subject I also came across the problem of deforestation. Scientists say, since temperature changes could affect major climate patterns, alter species habitats, and pose other unknown consequences. The melting of the polar Ice caps is the biggest fount for worry at the moment. Rising temperatures have a dramatic impact on Arctic ice, which serves as a kind of air conditioner at the top of the world. Since 1978 Arctic sea ice area has shrunk by some 9 percent per decade, and thinned as well. Climate models suggest that global warming could safari more frequent extrem e weather conditions. Intense hurricanes and storm surges could threaten coastal communities, while heat waves, fires and drought could also become more common. edition this information causes trepidation particularly because of the abnormal amount of Hurricanes that we suffered through this year. This only proves that global warming is real and a bigger threat than we might have envisioned. As mentioned before the earth receives most of it heat form the sun, at least 32% of it is reflected back by the ice caps.

Movement Education Essay example -- Health

act is as natural and essential to young childrens lives as loving care, rest and nutrition. Movement provides children with an outlet for bearing, creativity, and discovery. Through consummation, children learn about themselves, their environment, and others. Movement is a stimulus for personal growth and development. The joy of reason is a childs expression of an emotional need fulfilled. (Curtis) The movement education teaching model, its historical development, its concepts and core activities will be discussed in this essay. Furthermore, the general objectives of movement education, the detailed objectives within physical education programs and the applicable teaching methods will be outlined and explained. The history of movement education goes as far back as the 1800s. Many heap articulated ideas and theories about movement. Three of the most influential people are Francois Delsarte, Liselott Diem, and Rudolph von Laban. Laban is considered by most the true p ioneer of movement education. (Karen Weiller Abels) In the early 1900s Laban set the four cornerstones of movement weight, space, time, and flow. In the late 70s and early 80s, Stanley, Logsdon and his colleagues distinguished the four major movement concepts, based on Labans discoveries. Stanley, Logsdon and his colleagues classified body, space, effort, and relationship. Parallel to the discovery of the movement concepts, new trends and new teaching models emerged in physical education programs. Movement education faded from the physical education programs because other teaching models became popular and because movement education is an extremely complex teaching model. Today, movement education has returned and has planted it... ...sical Education, Recreation and Dance. Movement Education for preschool children. Reston AAHPERD, 1980. Print.Curtis, Sandra R. The joy of movement in early childhood. tonic York Teachers College Press, 1982. Print.George Graham, Shirley Ann H olt/Hale, Melissa Parker. Children Moving, A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education. Vol. 8th Edition. New York McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2012. Text. 28 March 2012.Jennifer Wall, Nancy Murray. Children & Movement, Physical Education in the Elementary School. Dubuque WCB brown & Benchmark, 1990. Print.Karen Weiller Abels, Jennifer M. Bridges. Teaching Movement Education, Foundation for Active Lifestyles. Human Kinetics, 2010. Print. 16 March 2012.Robert P. Pangrazi, Victor P. Dauer. Movement in Early Childhood and Primary Education. Minneapolis Burgess produce Company, 1981. Print. 16 March 2012.

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Comparing Betrayal in Julius Caesar and Animal Farm :: comparison compare contrast essays

Betrayal in Julius Caesar and brute invoke   No integrity ever said feel was going to be easy. Throughout ones life, one is pressurize into making a decisions he or she does non want to make. Sometimes the decisions made atomic number 18 dwelling on how the person feels. One would make their decision by being loyal to the person. Or one whitethorn choose a betrayal decision. These nasty decisions were made within the two novels, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm by George Orwell. A persons decision, whatever it may be, could affect anyone or everyone that revolves around the decision maker.   Conflicts, greed, arguments, crime, are only some examples how things would start to betray each other. When things become chaos, things become hard to control. First, On Animal Farm the pigs slowly were taking over the farm. short without the animals knowing, they thought everything was going as plan. No question now, what had happened to the fa ces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to creation, and from man to pig, and from pig to man a top but already it was impossible to distinguish which was which. Chapter 10, pg. 118. In the end, the pigs betray their ten commandments, their own comrades, and their very own words. Second, with in the story of Julius Caesar, if Brutus did not gobble up Caesar, Antony would not had to have put the people of capital of Italy against Brutus and the conspirators. The pigs are to some extent like Brutus. On Animal Farm, the pigs were well respected by the animals on Animal Farm. As for Brutus, he is well respected by his friend and the people of Rome. Brutus also betrays himself. But I do find it cowardly and vile, for business organisation of what might fall, so to prevent The time of life), gird myself with patience to stay the providence of some high powers that govern us below, Act 5 sc. 1 lines 113 - 117. Brutus was saying this after Cato kills himself . Unfortunately, at the end, Brutus kills him self, in a fear that he lost everything.   Loyalty between two things can help them gain a trust. However if one decides to abuse that trust, wherefore the loyalty between the two things is broken.Comparing Betrayal in Julius Caesar and Animal Farm comparison compare contrast essays Betrayal in Julius Caesar and Animal Farm   No one ever said life was going to be easy. Throughout ones life, one is pressurize into making a decisions he or she does not want to make. Sometimes the decisions made are base on how the person feels. One would make their decision by being loyal to the person. Or one may choose a betrayal decision. These difficult decisions were made within the two novels, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm by George Orwell. A persons decision, whatever it may be, could affect anyone or everyone that revolves around the decision maker.   Conflicts, greed, arguments, crime, are only s ome examples how things would start to betray each other. When things become chaos, things become hard to control. First, On Animal Farm the pigs slowly were taking over the farm. Little without the animals knowing, they thought everything was going as plan. No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again but already it was impossible to say which was which. Chapter 10, pg. 118. In the end, the pigs betray their ten commandments, their own comrades, and their very own words. Second, with in the story of Julius Caesar, if Brutus did not kill Caesar, Antony would not had to have put the people of Rome against Brutus and the conspirators. The pigs are to some extent like Brutus. On Animal Farm, the pigs were well respected by the animals on Animal Farm. As for Brutus, he is well respected by his friend and the people of Rome. Brutus also betrays himself. But I do find it cowardly and vile, for fear of what might fall, so to prevent The time of life), arming myself with patience to stay the providence of some high powers that govern us below, Act 5 sc. 1 lines 113 - 117. Brutus was saying this after Cato kills himself. Unfortunately, at the end, Brutus kills him self, in a fear that he lost everything.   Loyalty between two things can help them gain a trust. However if one decides to abuse that trust, then the loyalty between the two things is broken.

Comparing Betrayal in Julius Caesar and Animal Farm :: comparison compare contrast essays

Betrayal in Julius Caesar and fleshly Farm   No one ever verbalize life was going to be easy. Throughout ones life, one is pressurize into making a findings he or she does non want to make. Somemagazines the decisions made be base on how the person feels. One would make their decision by being loyal to the person. Or one may choose a betrayal decision. These difficult decisions were made within the two novels, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm by George Or swell. A persons decision, some(prenominal) it may be, could affect anyone or everyone that revolves around the decision maker.   Conflicts, greed, arguments, crime, are only some examples how things would start to betray each other. When things become chaos, things become hard to control. First, On Animal Farm the bulls slowly were taking oer the farm. Little without the animals knowing, they thought everything was going as plan. No question now, what had happened to the faces of th e pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again but already it was out(predicate) to say which was which. Chapter 10, pg. 118. In the end, the pigs betray their ten commandments, their own comrades, and their very own words. Second, with in the story of Julius Caesar, if Brutus did not kill Caesar, Antony would not had to have put the sight of Rome against Brutus and the conspirators. The pigs are to some extent like Brutus. On Animal Farm, the pigs were well respected by the animals on Animal Farm. As for Brutus, he is well respected by his friend and the people of Rome. Brutus also betrays himself. But I do find it poltroon and vile, for fear of what might fall, so to prevent The time of life), arming myself with patience to stay the providence of some high powers that govern us below, exploit 5 sc. 1 lines 113 - 117. Brutus was saying this after Cato kills himself. Unfortunately, at the end, Brutus kills him se lf, in a fear that he lost everything.   Loyalty between two things can service of process them gain a trust. However if one decides to iniquity that trust, then the loyalty between the two things is broken.Comparing Betrayal in Julius Caesar and Animal Farm comparison compare contrast essays Betrayal in Julius Caesar and Animal Farm   No one ever said life was going to be easy. Throughout ones life, one is pressurize into making a decisions he or she does not want to make. Sometimes the decisions made are base on how the person feels. One would make their decision by being loyal to the person. Or one may choose a betrayal decision. These difficult decisions were made within the two novels, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm by George Orwell. A persons decision, whatever it may be, could affect anyone or everyone that revolves around the decision maker.   Conflicts, greed, arguments, crime, are only some examples how things would start to betray each other. When things become chaos, things become hard to control. First, On Animal Farm the pigs slowly were taking over the farm. Little without the animals knowing, they thought everything was going as plan. No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again but already it was impossible to say which was which. Chapter 10, pg. 118. In the end, the pigs betray their ten commandments, their own comrades, and their very own words. Second, with in the story of Julius Caesar, if Brutus did not kill Caesar, Antony would not had to have put the people of Rome against Brutus and the conspirators. The pigs are to some extent like Brutus. On Animal Farm, the pigs were well respected by the animals on Animal Farm. As for Brutus, he is well respected by his friend and the people of Rome. Brutus also betrays himself. But I do find it cowardly and vile, for fear of wh at might fall, so to prevent The time of life), arming myself with patience to stay the providence of some high powers that govern us below, Act 5 sc. 1 lines 113 - 117. Brutus was saying this after Cato kills himself. Unfortunately, at the end, Brutus kills him self, in a fear that he lost everything.   Loyalty between two things can help them gain a trust. However if one decides to abuse that trust, then the loyalty between the two things is broken.

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Interstate Hydraulic Manufacturing Co. Essay

Interstate Hydraulic Manufacturing Co. is an established, family-owned manufacturer of hydraulic devices used in automobile suspensions and forklift trucks. From the factory in Muncie, Indiana, products are shipped to customers worldwide. All data affect is performed by a minicomputer, which handles payroll, billing, accounts receivable, inventory, and cost accounting. Workers clock on and off the job using time clocks, and they report job progress by filling show up a forms packet that accompanies each job lot. Data from the time cards and forms packets is keyed into the computer by data entry operators in the manufacturing division, who use terminals.Ben cubic decimeter is in charge of customer service, handling complaints, conducting plant tours, and providing information to the plant manager on product performance. One day Lambert is sitting at his desk, handling the backlog of correspondence he has accumulated. He picks up his office recorder and dictates the following letter Ms. Ellie NostromPurchasing DirectorMcCullin EnterprisesThank you very oftentimes for being so understanding last week when you called to inquire about your order. As I explained, we have a large number of jobs in functioning at any one time, and many more waiting in line. It is simply impossible to locate where one is without spending considerable time aspect through our records. Im sure you can understand. I later learned that your order was held up due to lack of materials. We have been having difficulty obtaining the nylon cylindrical lining that attaches the actuating arm to the housing. We have had only one supplier that could meet our high quality standards, and we have recently learned that its factory has been on act for almost half a year. We finally regain another supplier in California and placed an order with it. But when the bushings arrived, the receiving report was misfiled, and we didnl recognise that they were here. The receiving report, which is normally se nt to our accounting department, was sent to purchasing by mistake.After your call, I talked with the supervisor of receiving, and he said he remembered seeing the shipment. We finally located it in inventory and have issued a production order. The job is presently in process and should be completed either by the end of succeeding(a) week or early the following week. Again, thank you for calling attention to your order. Our customers are our most valuable asset, and we appreciate your business. You have our pledge that we will stretch forth to be responsive to your needs and supply you with the same high level of service that has been our trademark. Please do not hesitate to call on me at any time.

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Last two hundred years Essay

The 19th and 20th centuries be very rich about inventions that changed our lives. The gondola is one of those inventions changed batchs lives. Short after its invention railcar became a fatality in daily aliveness more than being luxury or a symbol of nobility. Today the numbers of cars atomic number 18 close to half of earths population. Almost every family in developed countries owns a car. The gondola has had the superlative effects on our lives in last two hundred years because it is a necessity, it has an important effect on the world economy and it affects our lives directly.There are some reasons why automobiles become a necessity in forthwiths life which of those reasons are being the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to travel when compared against separate inventions like planes, ships or trains. Before the invention of automobiles humanity used to travel with domestic animals, which cause more expanses than, cars do in todays conditions. A traveler has to pay gr eat amounts of money to travel from one town to another to the animals owner overly if someone owns his own animal it will plausibly costs oftentimes more because he has to feed and look after that animal. Even today when compared against planes, ships or trains the automobile is still the cheapest way to travel. The automobile is in addition the fastest way to travel when compared to old traveling methods. For example horse back riding from France to Germany will take months while driving the same outdistance with a car will take a day or less.The last important thing that made automobile a necessity is its being the easiest way of traveling and transportation. Traveling with automobiles gives mass freedom of going wherever they want only thing they have to do is to have like of going and the money to afford an automobiles expanses. The automobile gives a freedom of traveling which other traveling methods do not offer. Trains are peculiar(a) with the rails whereas planes ar e also limited with aerostations but cars can reach everywhere roads reach and even far. Today automobile is a necessity like sleeping or eating. The busses people go their work with, the lorries that people transport their goods, the ambulances that saves peoples lives and lots uncountable more examples there are which shows us how necessary automobiles are. As a result a necessity is something that affects peoples lives deeply. Without cars it will be impossible to the things we do in daily life like traveling, transporting and reaching.Another important point that makes the automobile effect on peoples life is its effect on world economy with the automobile assiduity and its subsidiary industries like car accessories. Today almost every developed countrys economy is based on the automobile industry while developing countries depend on the automobile industry also. A large rate of world trade is about automobiles. For instance there are big car companies in both Europe and USA th at has big factories in which millions of people work.This causes a great income for the world economy and keeps it running. Because economies depend on and based on the automobile, peoples lives are depended on automobile and this is why this invention affects humans lives too much. Peoples are depended on the automobile economically because lots of peoples job involves cars, lorries, trucks or buses and also lot of peoples job is to produce vehicle. For those reasons the automobile affects peoples lives too much as an economic support, it is what people earn their lives from.The last and the most important reason why the automobile affect peoples lives are because it affects their lives with its lieu effects like pollution, accidents, transportation and automobile based lifestyles. All kinds of automobiles are based on the same principle, which is the creation of energy by using flatulence and its side products. As a result automobiles produce harmful gases and release them thro ugh the air people breathe. Automobiles pollute the air and are a riskiness for all living creatures with the air pollution it causes. In addition to air pollution automobile also causes sound pollution with the sound of horns and motors, which depress people and bring on negative social effects on them. Because automobile is the fastest way to achieve somewhere, the wrong use of it causes accidents resulting with injuries or even deaths.As a result deaths and injuries cause incorrigible social effects like depression and suicide because it affects people negatively. With the automobile, transportation becomes easier and more common. That created an enormous effect on trade, which also means an enormous effect on peoples lives because it affects economy with this way, which means an affect on the way people, earns their lives. The last direct effect the automobile created on peoples lives is that some lives are based on the automobile passion. For example car and motor racers,Harl ey Davidson cycles collectors, Chevrolet fans and lots more. Because of those reasons the automobile is a wear round of peoples lives that affects them directly with a lot of reasons.In conclusion the automobile has had the greatest effect on peoples lives because it become a piece of their life with its usage and effects. It is the invention that gave man freedom of traveling wherever he wants, it changed his life and it is a necessity of life for him. In todays world cars save peoples time, power and even lives. The automobiles allow people to reach places quickly, lorries, trucks carry their goods and finally ambulances save lives. All those create enormous effects on peoples lives.

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Qantas Airlines Essay

IntroductionQantas Airlines, initially known as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS), was founded by two former struggle pilots, Wilmot Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness, in 1920 at Queensland, Australia. Qantas is the flag carrier airline for Australia and it is the second oldest airlines in the world. Qantas Airlines headquarters is located in Mascot, Sydney, New South Wales with its major hub at Sydney Airport. The airline began with joy flights in 1920 and by 1922, they carried 871 passengers and logged 54,000 km without severe damage. It also began its airmail service between Charleville and Cloncurry which was their first ever to be scheduled in 1922. In 1935, Qantas operated its first international flight which was a regular four-day trip from Brisbane to Singapore.It has now become Australias largest domestic and international airlines with much development. Qantas started advertising via television. It was a television campaign which started in 19 67 through a few decades with it targeting American citizens. The ad was a huge success as it was named as one of the sterling(prenominal) commercial of all times. The airlines also promoted its brand by sponsoring a handful of sports team. Qantas is the principal contributor of the Qantas Wallabies, Australias national Union Rugby team and the face One Australian Grand Prix. It also sponsors the Australians national association football team, Socceroos and recently made a deal with Cricket Australia to be the main backer of the Australian national cricket team. Qantas had become so significant that the government bought over it back in 1947 which is a year later on the Australian Airlines was formed. Unfortunately, Australian Airlines had a major issue which led to Qantas being sold.Qantas was then privatised and since then it has continued to mature despite fighting financial crisis and worldwide turndown for aviation. To regain profit, Qantas have produce subsidiaries such as Jetstar Airways which is Qantas low-cost carrier. CEO Alan Joyce was pleased to announce Qantas best profit ($250 mil.) since the global financial crisis in 2011, even though the airlines and the aviation suffered from some challenges. Despite everything, it is undeniable that Qantas is regarded as the worlds leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia.

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Public Sector Innovation And National Highway Development Project Economics Essay

India had its rendezvous with fate on 15 August 1947 when it got independency after approximately 200 old ages under British regulation. India started its procedure to construct up the state so by following the policies of socialism, be aftering committees. yet it was marked by ruddy tapes, controls, bureaucratism hurdlings, and authorities intercession. For about 40 old ages India grew at a slow gait of 3.5 % which is now c bothed Hindu rate of growing. In 1993 India dwelled into a new way to growing. The markets were opened loosening and globalisation were the words of the twenty- quartet hours. However India could neer go the success narrative which it became without revamping its decennaries old transit butt. India was now turning at a down(p) gait and to do certain that the growing degrees ar increased and maintained it became imperative that the logistic substructure be improved.Acknowledging these endangering jobs India under the regulation of NDA ( field of study repu blican Alliance with the BJP as deepgest party in the confederation ) with the auspices of the so premier curate Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced a monolithic under taking to revamp its substructure. It was called National track Development Project which paved the way for a new epoch of growing.IntroductionNational Highway Development Project was implemented in 1998. It planned to widen, redo the national main roadstead of the state which accounted for less than 2 % of the entire route web in India but carried about 40 % of the route traffic. road denseness in India is among the lowest at 2.75km per 1000 people and 770 kilometers per 1000 sq kilometer compared to 6.7 and 841 resp. ( TCA Anant, 2008 )The stage I of the undertaking was called the prosperous Quadrilateral ( GQ ) Project. Subsequently septet more stages have been launched and the undertaking has been extended to coer all the of import hubs, ports to this national main road grid.The UndertakingThe bureau responsib le for execution of NHDP was National Highway Authority of India ( NHAI ) . It is a nodal bureau under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. The stage I and phase II of the undertaking aimed at building and up step of 13,146 kilometers of national main roads into 4 to 6 lanes. The aureate quadrangle undertaking and the uniting South and east West corridors were portion of these stages. Golden four-sided undertaking aimed at bettering route connectivity between the four metropolitan metropoliss of India viz. , New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Other major towns like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vishakhapatnam, Pune, Bangaluru were besides supposed to be a portion of these national main roads. East west corridor connected Silchar in E to Porbandar in West. North south corridor connected Srinagar in north to Kanyakumari in South. Phase III plans to incorporate the province large(p) and major economic hubs with the NHDP I and II and entire 12,109 kilometer of ma in roads go out be upgraded in this stage. In stage IV around 20,000 kilometer of national main roads will be constructed and upgraded. These are majorly the main roads that were non a portion of stage I, II and III. Phase V envisages to upgrade 5000 kilometer of 4 lane roads into 6 lane roads. The authorities cool it has to make up peerlesss mind which subdivisions of the main roads will be upgraded in this stage. Phase VI plans to build freewaies in India on BOT footing. These freewaies will touch major industrial towns of India. Phase VII plans to construct beltwaies, overpasss, pealing roads to increase route web in metropoliss to national main roads.Economic ImpactAs the as secerned undertakings were launched in that respect was a rapid rise in the yeasty activity of occupations. thither was besides a immense employment coevals in both complete and unskilled sectors. During the stage I about 250000 individuals per twenty-four hours were required or around 40 individuals per km per twenty-four hours. ( ) . Assorted sectors like steel, cement constancy and equipment makers saw lavishly growing rates during the period. As per figures from imperativeness information agency, Government of India growing rate in cement, steel and commercial vehicles were 8.1 % , 6.8 % and 55 % severally. ( ) in that respect was a direct correlativity in the advancement of the undertaking and the GDP growing. By the clip the stage i was approaching completion India was timing a GDP growing of more than 8 % systematically. Harmonizing to World Bank the one-year benefits the one-year benefits were about Rs 8000 crore on the GQ undertaking itself.There were a batch of validating benefits which were to be realized with the undertaking. These were chiefly a shine in clip for transit of cargo and riders. There will besides be a decrease in vehicle operating costs, fuel costs, and care costs. As the roads will be made the connectivity of rural parts with the nearby major towns will better thereby squeezeing the development of the country. It would take to faster motion of the green goods and will profit trade. Most significantly there would be a dandy decrease in accidents.During the clip another strategy Pradhan Manti Grameen Sadak Yojana was besides envisaged and implemented by the authorities. The strategy vowed to better route substructure in the rural countries. It was refractory to construct roads in the small towns and link them to the national main roads. Thus the thought on the portion of the authorities to better basic substructure was truly applaudable.In January 2012 when the authorities announced that the aureate undertaking is complete it was the 5th longest main road in the universe. The undertaking was completed in Rs 32000 crores and was under budget as the authorities had estimated that the undertaking cost would be Rs 60000 crore ( at 1999 fiscal values ) . The undertaking was besides a get-go of its sort when it was completed before agenda which is new for a undertaking of this graduated table.The authorities was really dedicated to finish the undertaking and because of this allowed 100 % FDI in the sector. This was one of the earliest sectors where 100 % FDI was allowed. However, recognizing that it would still non be able to bring forth adequate funding for the undertaking assorted funding theoretical accounts was adopted. Cess on gaseous state and Diesel along with external and market adoptions were adopted to raise capital for the undertaking. Private partnership was introduced to raise finance and joint ventures with international distilors were made.Financing of Highway ProjectsHistoryUntil the creative activity of National Highway Authority of India ( NHAI ) , roads were treated as public goods. The funding for developing and keep these roads came chiefly from revenue enhancements. There was no or really small connexion between cost of developing the roads and the inco me from the revenue enhancements. There was really small effort at direct route pricing.The ProblemsLimited Support Highway development requires super investings but the authorities was already under big financial shortage.Inefficiencies There were big inefficiencies that led to project over tallies thereby intensifying the undertaking budgets exponentially.Hazard With salutary development with authorities, all hazard was concentrated at one point. This proletariat the funding capableness of theCreation of NHAINHAI started its operation in 1995, the major motive for an independent organic structure under authorities of India was to increase the rate at which national main roads were been developed. One of the major hinderances in increasing this gait was the limited capital available with the authorities. NHAI realized that to full make full its vision it has to look outside authorities for capital to develop its national main roads.The Financial InnovationsTo deduct the fiscal inventions at NHAI, foremost we have to understand the assorted hazards associated with building of National main roadsPre-development Environmental head, dirt acquisition and other such demands before the building of roads can be done. Delaies in acquiring clearances cause holds and dearly-won undertaking over tallies.Construction Changes in designs, conditions and geological conditions, financess inaccessibility, incorrect planning of material handiness and unanticipated labor deficits may take to project over talliesUse Less than expected route use, users unwillingness to pay higher toll rate, may significantly impact the grosss from the route.Foreign exchange rate Fluctuations in exchange rate may take to important cost over tallies for abroad developerAct of God inhering catastrophes like temblor, inundations may take to holds and rework. These will take to important cost impact on the undertaking.Political Hazards Change of authorities, expiration of the undertaking, undue infliction of high revenue enhancements, may set considerable fiscal hazard on the undertaking.The assorted funding theoretical account implemented by NHAI areEPC ( design procurance and building ) contract The undertaking is wholly finance by the public financess ( E.g. World bank/ADB ) . Except for building hazard all hazards are borne by NHAI. The advantages that NHAI has achieved through this manner are rapid execution of undertakings, improved quality of roads, foreign investings organize big multinationals. The inefficiencies involved in development of big substructure undertakings like national main roads have been minimized. Foreign multinationals have set up joint ventures with Indian companies driving up inventions and winning execution of undertakingsAnnuity Contract Financing of undertaking is done from the contracted rente. Undertaking is financed through these rente receivables. But the fiscal hazard is borne by NHAI. hither NHAI is responsible merely for financing the undertakings. Advantage for NHAI in this manner of funding is that, it has to pay the contractor every twelvemonth specific sum to construct the route.BOT contract Build operate and transportation as the name suggest, the company to wins the contract has to construct the roads, maintain it and bring forth grosss so as to acquire hold up all the money invested and so reassign the main road back to authorities after specific period of clip. These contracts are project fundss, with all the capital coming from the undercover participants. A particular purpose company is created and all the hazard except for political hazard is borne by it.EPC and Annuity presently die unmanageable majority of the undertakings. Therefore most of the hazard is still with NHAI.For undertaking funding as in instance of BOT contract, the certainty of use of main roads and thereby the toll aggregation is really less. This puts a batch of hazard on the investor and hence really few BOT contracts have b een materialized.Is Securitization the solution?National main roads have long gestation periods, with hard currency flows coming really tardily in the entire undertaking continuance. This puts considerable fiscal hazards on the private company to take is such undertakings. To minimise this hazard securitization mechanism can be put in topographic point.Securitization is a manner of finance in which assorted hard currency flows are pooled together and sold to particular purpose vehicle created to implement this undertaking. SPV so issues debt securities which are backed by the hard currency flows.Is the feasible solution to hike main road development in India, should NHAI implement this theoretical account?ChallengesLand Acquisition Act, 1984When railroad web was existence expanded in India in the nineteenth century the British Government so swayers of India faced jobs related to the private land acquisitions. They so enacted and passed the jurisprudence whose first ordinance was pa ssed every bit early as 1824. India adopted the jurisprudence in 1947 to chiefly take attention of land acquisition for public usage. However this was merely a land acquisition jurisprudence and did non had commissariats for rehabilitation. Presently the authorities has to cover with this act along with 16 other Acts of the Apostless for commanding private land acquisitions by the authorities and its organic structures.Harmonizing to the jurisprudence the land has to be valued at monetary values on the day of the month of presentment and the earnings has to be paid consequently. However, this had led to broad spread unfavorable judgment and protests from land proprietors. The authorities has been dragged into a figure of differences refering to set down acquisitions. Presently over 80 NHDP undertakings are acquiring delayed due to differences in land acquisition. It is argued by a subdivision of society that the regulations under the act are Draconian. The fee paid by the land acq uisition officer to the land proprietors is besides less than the market value due to money being siphoned off at many phases due to corrupt functionaries. There are charges that the land is under evaluated by the functionaries and when the compensation is being paid at below market monetary values to the land proprietors there is non much public-service corporation for them. Besides, non much attention is taken about rehabilitation of the people who are displaced by the undertakings.The authorities had appoint commission to see into all these issues and to come up with new recommendations to better the act. The authorities is be aftering to postpone a new jurisprudence in the sevens nevertheless the bill of exchange has led to fresh concerns by the industries and societal militants likewise. The new jurisprudence will do cost of land acquisitions up to four times the market rate in rural countries and twice the market rate in urban countries. Still the societal militants argue it to be pro-market and one which will increase land differences. The investors and houses argue it to be one which will do investings in undertakings dearly-won. President of Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ) Adi Godrej said after schooling the commission s recommendations Rather than turn toing concerns of the industry over the commissariats of compensation and consent required for land acquisition, the recommendations of the commission do non look to be taking into history the demand of the industry, thereby, go forthing it to fend for itself, Coordination among ministriesIn India acquiring blessings for substructure undertakings requires a close coordination between assorted cardinal, province and local municipal degrees. It involves coordination amongst all these parties and leads to detain in acquiring undertaking approved. This finally makes the fiscal viability of the undertaking questionable. ( Wang et al, 2000 ) . Despite authorities confidence of a individual win dow and fast clearance of substructure undertaking they are still acquiring delayed due clearances involved.Change of authorities and its precedencesThe undertaking was envisioned during the government of NDA in 1999. However, when the elections were held in 2004 UPA ( join Progressive Alliance ) came in to power and has been in power for the last 8 old ages. There focal point has shifted to other public tending strategies like MGNREGA ( Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ) , farm loan release among others. This has shifted the precedences of the authorities to raise fundss for its public assistance strategies and non the NHDP undertakings. Subsequently, the undertakings have been travel rapidly on holds and many undertakings have delayed because the contracts have still non been handed over.RoadmapGiven the challenges being faced will the authorities now take steps to learn in fresh reforms in the sector so that the marks of NHDP are met? This top executive affect taking in some tough steps which might be opposed by subdivisions of society. However, will a better sense prevail and a greater good of the society, GDP growing ends be achieved.

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Curled or Straight

Literary analysis Curled or Straight Why race matters? In the novel White Teeth written by Zadie Smith, the character Iris Ambrosia Jones is struggle with her racial identity. Irie is a half- Jamaican, half- English woman in her twenties. England is the artless where she grew up. She feels uncomfortable with her inherited Jamaican physique. Irie falls in love with Millat, Millat comes from an Indian family and he adores English women. Because of that, Irie wishes to limiting her appearance by making her hair straight.But it was ill-advised and she did not feel better with black straight extensions. In my analysis I will focus on the message of the text as I see it that its important to realize that every human being in the world is different and dont try to change yourself into person you are not. To begin with, Irie is not happy with her appearance and would like to change it because of Millat. She thinks that if she changes her hair to Indian style, long and straight, so Millat will accept her.The hair straightening knead at P. K. beauty parlor is very painful. Besides, she makes a big mistake by wash her hair before going to PKs, thus getting rid of a protecting layer of dirt. Moreover, she has to go to Roshis salon to get the parvenu hair. After all, she finally gets her new looks. Then she heads to Millats house, just to show him her new looks. But Millat isnt there. Her friends is there, and they start to laughing at her new looks. Besides, they think that her hair looked better before.However, there is one woman in Roshis salon who makes her points by stand up for herself. She feels that Irie should be content with her curly African hair. Furthermore, she thinks that black should support one anothers business. To conclude, I think Iries problem is that she grows up in London, but her appearance is a black Jamaican girl. Besides, she decides to integrate more with English society. Nevertheless, she should realize that she cant change her Jamaican l ooks to an English looks, and she should appreciates her individuality.

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Macro and Micro Environmental Forces Essay

External factors be usu everyy divided into micro and macro environment. Macro environment is about external higher auberge forces which do non affect an organization dealing as yet or directly but may do so in the future. External factors may embroil economic, technological, competition, political/legal, and social-cultural factors. Political factors these are factors that relates to political system and political instability of countries where Nokia Company wish to market its harvest-times i. e. Nokia 5800XpressMusic and its music features. This result involve scrutinizing the system of presidency that such target countries have adopted.Nokia allow in that locationfore need to decide whether to invest in communist or capitalist countries after careful soundly will of each political system in terms of carrying out air in the chosen country of interest. It is recommended that Nokia Company should invest in those countries with flexible capitalist political systems becaus e it allows labour, capital and resources to flow freely in and out of their countries and so making those destinations the lift out target markets for Nokia to market its models as well as the emanation features of music that it offers.External factors analysis can be best explained as follows (Nokia for Business, 2008). Economic Factors this will involve Nokia Company analyzing the economic factors that may hinder or augment its operations in the target countries. Such trade barriers bid restriction of imports and exports as well as foreign exchange rate systems should be carefully evaluated by the concern of Nokia in order to carry out its operations without economic constraints.Other economic factors of importance to be analyzed by the company will include, inflation particularly anticipated inflation, balance of payments, counter trade, fiscal and monetary policies among other significant factors. Although Nokia may not be subjected to many another(prenominal) of the abov e factors it will be prudent to critically analyze deeply the factors particularly inflation and foreign exchange systems by utilizing forecasting techniques that can face the company a clear picture of the future (Lionel Laurent, 2008).Social Factors this will involve the management of Nokia Company analyzing in surface level, social structures, educational backgrounds, and religion and family units before sell its new Nokia phones such as Nokia 5800XpressMusic models that comes with advance features to the community. History reveals that social factors play a major in role in utilization of services in the society for example some religious beliefs may not allow different kinds of music to be played. Therefore, it will be prudent for Nokia to clearly describe the right kind of music for the right consumers as well as for the right markets.Social factors may influence beliefs, interests and attitudes of the consumers and therefore the management of Nokia Company has to film in details such factors in order to avoid losses associated with these social factors. Technological Factors technology and innovations have taken centre stage in trying to achieve a consider adapted market share by firms in many industries. Technology provides an opportunity to the firm of expanding through utilization of modernistic technologies but at the same time it may contribute negatively to market participation for example where businesses use technologies to compete unfairly.Nokia will have to hold advance technologies for example the use of internet marketing while trying to explore new markets in the target market. Such technologies will be effective in that it will save time and financial resources that could have been spent and therefore the management can therefore use the surplus resources in elevate expansion or pay back its shareholders returns thus getting shareholder confidence in the process (Nokia for Business, 2008).Legal Factors All businesses including Nok ia moldiness operate in a business environment deemed to be legal by the target market. The company will therefore have to ensure that the sale of Nokia 5800XpressMusic serial publication with its all contents that include advance music features are allowed by the host country in order to avoid unnecessary legal battles. Nokia likewise should happen the existing laws regarding to business transactions in the target market particularly avoiding unfair competition.Also it should observe other legal aspects such as the areas of merged social responsibility whereby Nokia will be expected to manufacture and sell its products at the same time protecting the environment and benefiting the surrounding community by employing them and also participating in community projects (Lionel Laurent, 2008). On the other hand micro environment is about actual and political transactions used in a firm and its environment in day to day activities of a company that include customers, suppliers, interm ediaries among others.One of such micro factors is the intensity of rivalry among naturalized Companies it is true that Nokia faces a very warlike environment that has a big concentration of rival enemys making it a very competitive venture in its business operations. Take for instance they compete with its rivals across al levels i. e. production of high quality mobile phones with quality features like that of music and hence there is need for Nokia to try all strategies to ensure that it beats its rivals as well attracting more customers every day.Nokia is more organized and have better strategies than the new ones that come up and therefore have a competitive edge over the others. An established company will mean having a well developed meshwork that has a good client base and that is supported by customer loyalty and therefore locking out the new firms that try to execute an allude by trying the existing markets. The well established pharmaceutical firms give a big challen ge to the new companies in the market that try to make their products known.Even though substitute products like iphones are received in telecommunication industry, it becomes easy for the Nokia to push customers to start using its new mobile series in the market since it has a name in the market and customers are loyal to them (Nokia Inc. 2007). The other factor is that of the bargaining power of suppliers. Suppliers take advantage of their quaint supplies to ask and bargain for what they want and enjoy the monopoly and charge expensively for the products or services that they offer.Customers are very sensitive to any changes that may affect them that are caused by the bargaining power of the suppliers. Suppliers are a competitive threat in telecommunication industry because they can raise the prices of new and the old supplies and therefore making the customers to try substitute products such as phones and iphones that can satisfy the same needs. Suppliers may cost Nokia a lot o f financial constrain if they wear round and fail to supply parts that are used for manufacturing such phones like Nokia 5800XoressMusic series (Botan, 1993).Individuals may p tint to try the substitutes e. g. iphones according to their financial therefore Nokia must try as much as possible to bargain well with its suppliers so that it may get quality products at the right price so that it may also sell and price its products like Nokia 5800XoressMusic series at a an affordable price when compared to its competitors. Recommendations for Strategic Marketing PlanningNokia can estimate into joint venture with any firm in the telecommunication industry in order to reach to more customers. The joint ventures are forms of market approach that allows for technology sharing and joint product development which fits the promotion of Nokia 5800XoressMusic series as well as its salient features f music that it offers. The main advantage of joint ventures is to get proper political connection s that will allow for favours to be achieved.It is usually suitable when the market power, resources and size of the partner is small compared to the industry leaders. If Nokia enters a joint venture with any company for instance with Apple Company which is still then it will boosts its market power, and thus it will be able to meet the demands in that particular region. The main issues that are usually sorted out during the discussions for joint venture are agreement periods, pricing methods, ownership and control, local firm capabilities and technology transfer.Nokia should also employ porter generic strategies in order to enhance its market share such strategies rely on the dimensions of the strategical scope meaning the market penetration and strategic strength referring to the firms or sustainable competitive advantage such as cost leadership, product specialty and market segmentation which are required to meet the challenges of the competition. Therefore Nokia can utilize g rowth strategies, innovative strategies, among others.However, it should be noted that although they are believed to be the best in the market so far, they are yet to be applied by most companies. Nokia should also apply functional strategies in its marketing operations these strategies are developed within every department of the company to increase its international sales margins and production. The marketing department can for example prepare an individualistic strategy that will meet the overall Nokias objectives.Other strategies under this include new product development strategies, legal strategies, financial strategies etc which can also be set up as autonomous strategic business units that are responsible for all of its operations but answerable to the Nokia top management (Murray, 1989). Encirclement Strategies should also be adopted by Nokia while marketing its Nokia 5800XpressMusic touch hidings phones. This strategy is also called the envelopment strategy and is a more subtle, gentle, broader and a bit non-offensive but harmful way of attacking the competitor.Normally, this kind of attack is undertaken in two ways. One, introduction of a broader range of products that are similar to the competitors products and each of these products will get a share of the same market the competitor is in this case Nokia will introduce the 5800X series phones which will overtake other competitors gadgets such as iphones. In the long run, the competitor will be demoralized, weakened and discouraged leading to a state of siege of the competitor. This first method will ensure that full scale confrontation is avoided amidst the attacker and the target competitor.Secondly, the encirclement can also be based on market niches rather than the products themselves. In this case, the market share is liberated from the target competitor via the expansion of market niches that surround it thus Nokia will have to diversify in order to reach to large market share (Lionel Laur ent, 2008). Nokia should also draft out clear marketing amalgamate strategies that will enhance a larger market share. A marketing mix is usually used especially on branding and advertising as argued by Jerome McCarthy.The populous four Ps of marketing mix strategies are utilized, these are Product Product marketing and management aspects deal with the specifications of the actual good or services and how it relates to customer needs in this case the new Nokia 5800xpressMusic touch screen phone marketed by Nokia. Such phones should be diverse in its features for instance music enabled and thus meets the expectations of the customers. The characteristics of such 5800Xpress touch screens phones should further be well defined to meet the needs of the consumers (Kottler, 1996).Pricing pricing is the process of background signal a price for a product to be sold in the market and in this case touch screen Nokia 5800XpressMusic to launch by Nokia. It will not be necessarily fixing a mone tary value but simply what to be exchanged for the touch screen phone at stake e. g. attention, time etc. Nokia can therefore adopt any of the following pricing strategies to enable Nokia 5800XpressMusic reach its marketing standards. Premium pricing is where the uniqueness of the touch screen phone is defined such as a fixed online fee Penetration pricing whereby, once Nokia achieves the market share, it increases the price of its product i.e. Nokia 5800XpressMusic phone. Other strategies may include regional pricing strategy which defines the price according to the regions where the phones will be sold. Promotion promotion strategy comes in mingled forms personal selling, publicity, sales promotion or advertising and it refer to the various marketing strategies of convincing the customers to buy the brand, product and in this case Nokia 5800XpressMusic touch screen phone. Nokia should come up with various and best suitable channels of distribution to enable such phones to reach t he targeted market.Place place is also the distribution modes which refer to how the touch screen phones gets to the intended customer. Nokia should ensure that the 5800Xpress series touch screen phones are available to customers in time and in convenient places in order to satisfy their needs. The utilization of computer technology for instance can aid a firm to get access to a wider market thus boosting its business performance (Winer, 2007). Conclusion Research reveals that trade has become progressively more global in some scope these days and there are several(prenominal) grounds for this.One of such reasons is the ever advancement in modern technology that is now increasing communication efficiency and modernization therefore firms like Nokia are now facing stiff competition from its rivals in the fight for achievement of larger market share. Increasingly, rapid technology lifecycles has increased competition among transnational firms such as Nokia as to who can produce the be st services in the mobile telephony market hence the need to employ competitive marketing and business strategiesReference Botan, C. (1993) A Human Approach to Image and Ethics in International Public relations Journal of Public Relations Research vol 5 No. 2 Carter, S. and Lee, K. (2005) Global Marketing- Changes, New Challenges and Strategies. 1st Edition, Oxford Press, London Kottler, P. (1996) Principles of Marketing Stages of customer relationships. 4th European Edition, Prentice Hall, Harlow Lionel Laurent, (2008) Nokias Trickle-Up achiever Retrieved from http//www. forbes. com/2008/06/18/european-innovation-wireless-tech-innovationeu08-cx_ll_0618wireless.html, accessed on March 23rd 2009 Murray, A. (1989) Top management group heterogeneity and firm performance. Strategic Management Journal Vol. 10 Nokia Inc. (2007) The Route to unbent emulous Advantage Todays Evolution of Workforce Mobility, Retrieved http//www. nokia. com/NOKIA_COM_1/About_Nokia/Press/White_Papers/pdf_fi les/nokia_es_phasesofmobility. pdf, accessed on March 23rd 2009 Nokia for Business, (2008) Mobile Technology A unique Competitive Advantage.Retrieved from,http//www. html? guid=cb29500194aeb110VgnVCM100000708ef393RCRD, accessed on March 23rd 2009 Press releases, (2004) Nokia defines goals and actions for leadership in dynamic mobile communications market. Retrieved from, http//press. nokia. com/PR/200411/967543_5. html, accessed on 23rd March, 2009 Schon, B. and Allan, B. (1995) Links between Business Strategy and Human Resource Management Strategy in U. S. -Based Japanese Subsidiaries an Empirical Investigation-Journal of International Business Studies, Vol 26

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Using Corn-Plastic as an Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Using Corn-Plastic as an Eco-Friendly Packaging Material Introduction For the purpose of this project, I chose to pulmonary tuberculosis sheets of corn-plastic as a swathe for Big Kahuna Burger. The wrapper would be by inches and less than a millimeter thick. The reason I chose sheets over boxes was because sheets can be stacked by the thousands making shipping more efficient and producing less corporeal in land fills. The material of this wrapper is corn-plastic, or by its scientific name, polylactic acid.Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a thermoplastic resin aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as cornstarch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. This is an environmentally practical material for an assortment of reasons It is biodegradable, non-harmful to people or the environment and it comes from natural, renewable resources. The united States uses 20. 8 million barrels of oil per day, 10 percent of which goes solely to the production of conventional plastic such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sources CIA World Factbook, Jewell.Bioplastics the likes of corn plastic, however, dont choose oil and, as a bonus, their manufacture releases fewer toxins and greenhouse gases. (Howstuffworks. com) Pre-Production Harvesting of corn requires fossil fuels to run tractors and other machines Fossil fuels essential to ship to factories. Production First, the harvested corn operate is soaked and ground so that the endosperm can be separated from the gluten and fiber. This step is typical in grain crop harvesting, too.Next, producers add enzymes to the starchy endosperm, which converts the endosperm into a simple sugar called dextrose. Then, the addition of bacterial cultures causes the sugar to ferment into lactic acid in the same way brewers use fermentation to produce beer. The resulting acid consists of lactide molecules, which bond into long chains called polymers. At the end of this process, bioplastics producers have pellets of polylactic acid plastic, which can then be spun off into fibers or melted to take just about any form. (Howstuffworks. com). Low energy and pollution in manufacturing process. Distribution Due to thin sheets, thousands of sheet wrappers can be shipped in a single box, making distribution highly efficient. Less fossil fuels used in the distribution process. Utilization Although is a biodegradable material, it provides a stable water proof protection for food. Wrapping sandwiches of different sizes with the same wrapper as apposed to having different sized boxes for each means less material used. Disposal Takes a month in a high-humidity composting environment at 140 degrees Fahrenheit to decompose. Cant be recycled with PLE plastic. After decomposition, turns back into its airplane pilot form as earth that has zero affect on the environment and no pollution. Cons of Bioplastic It can only be decomposed in commercial decomposition plants that require large amounts of ener gy. Cannot be recycled with regular plastic. A small amount of bioplastic in a traditional recycling plant can contaminate a a lot larger portion of reusable plastic, preventing it from being usable. Commercial composters in the Northwestern United States only accept bioplastics from food service operations, not households. (This is not a problem for big Kahuna Burger. Solution PLA wrappers at Big Kahuna Burger will be disposed of in a special bin and then sent to a commercial composter. This may cost more, but as the bioplastic industry grows and matures, cheaper and easier composting will be available. References What is corn plastic? How Stuff Works. July 2011.

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Macbeth Scene Analysis

Shakespe ares Macbeth is one of the most well recognised tragedies written by the world-renowned playwright. It tells the tragic tale of Macbeth, a Thane in Scotland. Some of the some(prenominal) themes representd in the play include ambition, fate and deception. Three witches decide to pose the great Scottish general Macbeth on his victorious return from a war amongst Scotland and Norway. after receiving predictions of greatness from the witches, Macbeth plots to commit treason and murder King Dun kindle, ruler of Scotland. When the murder is successful the heirs to the throne run away to England, leaving Macbeth next in line. Once crowned, Macbeth becomes increasingly delusional in addition to an extreme paranoia, leading(a) to his eventual downfall.During Act 3 shooter 4 there are many different themes, which are important in portraying the true character of Macbeth. It is a vital part of the lead up to the turnover point of the text, Act 4 Scene 1, which is known as the mid dle of the play. Act 3 Scene 4 is a prominent burst in demonstrating the plays overall themes including how supernatural and superstitious themes affect homosexual behaviour and how spot can lead to many forms of corruption. In this scene, Macbeth hosts a feast in discover of Banquo, who Macbeth has plotted to kill. While making the toast, Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo. Lady Macbeth attempts to mask the situation with false excuses for Macbeths sudden outburst of madness. Shakespeare uses this scene as a tool to represent the character festering of Macbeth and uses visual imagery to illustrate the key messages.Act 3 Scene 4 occurs mid-way through the play subsequent to the murders of King Duncan and Banquo. The scene focuses on the character of Macbeth, as it is discovered he is seeing the ghost of Banquo, who he ordered to be killed prior to this event. Lady Macbeth is also involved as she tries to calm her husband and reassure the guests. She does this as she feels sight will begin to be suspicious about him if unfastened to displays of his insane behaviour. Sit, worthy friends. My lord is oftentimes thus, and hath been from his youth. Pray you, keep seat. After Macbeths display of madness thou canst not say I did it never shake thy glory locks at me Lady Macbeth ushers the guests from the banquet without any of the formality seen at the beginning, and attempts to comfort Macbeth in one case they are alone. The scene contributes to the play in that it shows Macbeths progression as a character. The growing thirst for function that Macbeth has possessed since first encountering the witches is beginning to cause his own personal corruption, and causes the interview to call into question his sanity.This scene proves to be the third instance within the play in which Macbeth sees something paranormal. After his experiences with the witches and then the floating dagger, it is debated by the audience as to whether Macbeth is seeing things that are not really there. This relates to one of the central themes, how superstition affects human behaviour. The question of whether Macbeth is truly seeing these things or whether he is beginning to become driven insane by power thickens the plot of the text. This scene is also crucial in showing Macbeths overall progression as a character throughout the play. At the beginning of the play Macbeths reluctance to commit murder against King Duncan is evident, and we can see that he is ultimately under the control of Lady Macbeth. As we start out progressed to the mid percentage of the play, we can see that Macbeth has become increasingly power-hungry, instigating the murder of Banquo. This displays the growth of Macbeths paranoia, which is illustrated by the appearance of the ghost, which only he can see.This scene includes a main factor, that the boundaries between reality and the supernatural become blurred as Macbeth encounters the ghost of Banquo on two separate occasions. The audience is subjected to various encounters with the mysterious, and causes sceptical thoughts as to whether any of these have in fact been reality. There are multiple outcomes that the audience can grasp from viewing the actions of Macbeth in this scene. Firstly, they may gain the idea that Macbeth is imagining the ghost of Banquo purely because of the guilt of being behind his and Duncans murders tis better thee without, than he within. Is he dispatchd? Secondly the audience may believe that the ghost of Banquo is another element of the supernatural something which they had been exposed to earlier in the instances of the witches and the floating dagger. The author has purposefully presented the text in a way that the intellectual of the audience may differ, which adds to the mystery of the supernatural aspect within the play. Shakespeare uses visual imagery to describe plastered instances within the scene and to add import to certain points. This includes the Macbeths description of Banqu os ghost, thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is insensate thou has no speculation in those eye which thou dost glare with.Macbeth is a play and movie, which expresses many different themes. Shakespeare utilises language and manipulates the plot to portray the actions of the text and cause the audience to form opinions on the boundaries between the supernatural and reality. In Act 3 Scene 4 it is clear that Shakespeare is showing the character development of Macbeth, and also introduces another example of the supernatural. Macbeth uses visual imagery and poetic language to capture the emotion and significance of the scene in contribution to the play.

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Organizational Behavior Issues in Aussieco Essay

Aussieco, an Australian caller established as a small manufacturing and service operation attach to in 1962 is now a fully expanded beau monde with 600 employees. The company built its reputation on a single product holding 90 per cent of the Australian market in the 1980. everywhere the years the market holding has gone down by 30 percent in malice of the product being unique and company facing particular competition in the market (Jones,Gal, n. d) The downswing in Aussiecos performance is mainly due to issues with the companys counselling and organizational sort. organizational Behavior refers to the understanding, prediction and management of human behavior in organizations (Luthans,2010). It is the study of individuals and their behavior in a fiddle place. A companys performance and outcome mostly depends on its organizational behavior as it is an interdisciplinary field that includes sociology, psychology, communication and management. Aussiecos organizational behavio r issues can be explained finished Henri Fayols 14 management principles.Henri Fayols theory of administration and organizational behavior focuses on the individualised duties of management and managerial effectiveness which aussieco inadequacyed. (Fayol,1971). The company has inexperienced staff and no specialization as major high strength staff is friends and family without skilled knowledge. The executive managing director is the possessors nephew with no interoperable or industrial experience. The production supervisor is the production managers surmount friend who has little knowledge of the daily production tasks as he is a carpet fitter by qualification.Employees at the operative level are migratory labor mostly lacking formal qualification. On diversification, management failed to understand the changing market needs. Aussieco follows the power culture where control is centralized. The major motivational or campaign force is fear (Luthans,2011). Suggestions and ps ycheal preferences are not welcomed. The owner-chairman reacts in a strong negative air if any managers opinion differentiates from his. This lack of consultation leads to staff feeling de motivated and undervalued.though there has been division of labor and departmentalization in the company but the managers lack self-confidence and responsibility. On the exemplification of owner accepting run from a bad debt customer without consulting the general manager shows lack of authority for the manager. Owners dictatorial post and ignorance of modern trends hold back the dedicated managers to repair and suffer changes in the companys working, as they are either fired from the job or draw his instant enemies. The company lacks discipline and employee commitment.Lack of loyalty, no willingness to put high levels of effort, no belief in the companys goals and vales and lack of faith in the management all together leads to all the issues of Aussieco. During tiffin hours the preceden tial management and sales staff have access to unlimited alcohol in the workplace. fiction line workers underperform and hold back production with vague excuses. Subordination of individual interest everyplace the companys interest and goal is one of the major problems of Aussieco Employees overtime to get paid purposeless(prenominal) and not for productive outcomes.Also the senior programmer in spite of completing his work order uses his work holiday for personal matters. There is lack of equity and justice among the employees. The rule being everyone es directial vacate office during lunch break but exceptions for the senior management and sales staff that wipe out in the work place, operatives and other staff are allowed no food or drinks in the workplace. The migrant staff is treated tumefy and better than its own national staff. There are less internal promotions. High employee deformover, no perceptual constancy of tenure of military group is another major issue with Aussieco.To attain level best productivity of personnel it is essential to have a stable workforce, which Aussieco lacks. There are frequent mussiness resignations in the company. No production manager lasts for more than 3 years in the company. The post of personnel manager is vacant since 2 months. Employees have no job security and thus are not fully committed to their work. This further increases the companys costs of recruitment,selection and training. There is lack of motivation and maiden by the management for the welfare of the employees.There is lack of rewards, appraisal and bonus. The workshop roofs are without insulation and escapism during heavy rain, no doors and filthy windows point toward bad and unhealthy working conditions. This even gave a overtaking of $AUS 500,000 when water leakage blew a computerized robot. No parking area provided for the employees, who reach frustrated to the office,which in turn shows in their slow performance. Lack of structured work , irregularity in work and no proper accounts and records hold by the managers is another organizational issue for Aussieco.Though the record showed a stock of 4700 resistors but none could be located. A welder forgotten by the company after fitting of new automat is idle and has no contribution in the company. Reasons why these problems occur. One of the major reason for the organizational issues of aussieco is the employee attitude. Job satisfaction focuses on employee attitude and organizational commitment focuses on their attitude towards the organization. Job satisfaction is determined by how well the expectations of employees are met in return of their output (Luthans,2011).The aspects of job satisfication are not met by Aussieco. Employees of Aussieco are uneasy with the kind of work they get, the job provides less opportunities for learning and less responsibility. There is lack of remuneration and pay, less promotional opportunities, bad working conditions. This high leve l of job dissatisfaction of employees reflects in their low performance, companys low profits, high employee turnover, high absenteeism and low level of commitment towards the company.The attitude of employees in an organization is largely influenced by the kind of environment the organization posses and further the attitude of employees affects their efficiency and performance at the organizational level. The environment of aussieco is not employee friendly thus employees have a negative attitude. Employee traits can be best explained by the Five factor model. Job performance is highly dependent on an individuals conscientiousness (i. e dutifulness, persistence, industriousness) and emotional stability (i. anxiety, security, suspiciousness).In Aussieco employees had low conscientiousness and low emotional stability which affected their overall task performance and contextual performance. Organizational commitment is an important attitude toward the employers and the company. It is the completion to which we identify with them. Most of the employees, posses continuance organizational commitment, which is a calculative approach, where they chose to continue working in the company because they have to rather than their want or obligation.This attitude is influenced by perceived costs of leaving the company, lack of opportunities, age, peer pressure, society expectations etc. Employees of Aussieco developed this attitude because of the mechanistic treatment they receive and lack of empathy from management. autarky is the concentration of power and authority in hands of one person. The management of Aussieco has an autocratic structure with the owner having unlimited power and absolute authority. There is a strict hierarchical structure orders are sent from top level to bottom level.Ideas, personal opinions and suggestions are unwelcomed. In this management style managers believe workers must be controlled to ensure maximum productivity (Luthans,2011). Aussieco s structure can be best explained by Douglas McGregors theory X. This theory represents an assumption of conflicting and negative working attitudes. The managers assume an average person dislikes work and will avoid it if possible, thus must be forced with threat of punishment to touch organizational goals. An average person prefers to be directed and avoids responsibility.This approach encourages deadline and ultimatums, arrogant and demanding managers, mechanistic approach, no engage toward staff and one way communication (Jeremiah,2009). In Aussieco this approach resulted in a negative attitude by the employees, made them insecure and unhappy. Lack of Taylors scientific management. Frederik winslow taylors key idea was to mend industrial efficiency scientifically. He encouraged scientifically selecting and training workers and regularly monitoring their work to improve efficiency which also improves work man happiness and positivity (Lynch,1984).Aussieco lacked scientific selec tion, training and development of workmen and passively left them to train themselves. Managers did not supervise and provide instructions to the employees and there was no division of work between managers and workers. There was lack of specialization, standardized and systematic approach. The company continuously changed its suppliers for cheapest material available, a supplier providing 99. 5% quality level charging $20 per unit was replaced with a supplier charging $12per unit. The quality of the product suffered, increase customer complaints and affecting the goodwill of the company negatively.There is lack of communication between departments, department managers and workers and senior management and managers. The senior management is unapproachable and not interested in the issues of the company and workers. Though Taylorism has set about criticism of exploitation, mechanistic approach etc but in relation to Aussieco, the company needs to adapt current principles of Taylor ism for a better organizational working. To conclude Ausseicos major issue is organizational and management structure. The company should have a more humanistic and realistic approach with a right balance of authority and responsibility.

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Leadership Styles Management Essay

Production-centered managers set rigid work standards, organized asks mow to the last detail, prescribed work methods o be fol first geared and closely supervised their dependants work Employee-centered managers encouraged subordinate participation in goal setting and in other work decisions and helped ensure gritty feat by inspiring trust and respect most effective leadinghipMost effective leaders were those who had supportive relationships with their subordinates, tended to use group rather than individual decision making, and encouraged their subordinates to set and achieve high performance goals.Managerial Grid (Blake and Mouton Studies)developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton identifies 5 different types of vigilance behaviors based on the various ways that task-oriented and employee-oriented styles can interact with each otherStyle 1,1 (impoverished oversight) low concern for people, low concern for tasks or turnout laissez-faire management leader abdicates his or her leaders roleStyle 1,9 (country club management) high concern for employees, low concern for tasksStyle 9,1 (task or peremptory management) high concern for production and efficiency, low concern for employeesStyle 5,5 (middle-of-the-road management) an intermediate amount of concern for some(prenominal) production and employee expiationStyle 9,9 ( team or democratic management) high concern for both production and employee morale and contentment most effective leadership behaviorHi. Alam kong FC ako sa ginagawa ko pero di ko na talaga matiis eh. Haha. olive-drab kung na-intrude ko ang privacy mo dito sa FB. Masyado lang kasi akong na-mesmerized dun sa story mong ICH Book 1. Di ko nga alam kung gagamit ako ng po at opo o tatawagin kitang Ate habang tinatype ko to.Haha. Kahit hindi ako nagcocomment sa updates mo (sorry po, tinatamad kasi akong gumawa ng account doon D), gusto ko lang sabihin na nagustuhan ko yung plot ng story mo at grabe ang kaba ko habang papalapit na ako sa ending.Kahit ending na sya, naramdaman ko pa rin yung thrill. Hindi nakakasawang ulit-ulitin. Noon pa, curious na talaga ako sa identity mo pero whitethorn hint na ako na sa UP ka nag-aaral dahil dun sa jeepney ekek na nasabi mo. 3 Curiousity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. Wala lungs trip ko lang po isingit to. Mehehehe. Nakita ko po kasi yung link para sa FB account mo kaya ni-click ko na. XD First time kong mag-message sa isang writer ng story kaya pagpasensyahan mo na ako kung mukhang walang sense itong na-type kong message. Wahaha. Yun lang, byebye. =) FC ako, SORRY po ulet. )))) System 4 ManagementRensis Likert, incorporating the basic style categories of task orientation and employee orientation, devised his own model of management effectiveness.Four Leadership SystemsSystem 1characterized as exploitive and authoritativeManagers make all work-related decisions and roll their subordinates to take hold them out. Failure to meet the managers goals resu lts in threats or punishments. Managers have little trust or bureau in subordinates.Subordinates fear the managers.System 2benevolent authoritativeSubordinates who meet or exceed the managers goals may be rewarded. Managers have a condescending attitude toward their subordinates and subordinates are cautious when dealing with their managers.System 3consultativeManagers set goals and issue general orders after discussing them with subordinates. Subordinates can make their own decisions about how to carry out their ttasks. Rewards are used to motivate subordinates.Subordinates look free to discuss most work-related matters with their managers, who, in turn, feel that to a large extent subordinates can be trusted to carry out their tasks properly.System 4participativeLikerts final and most favored management styleGoals are set and work-related decisions are do by group.To motivate subordinates, managers not only use economic rewards but also try to bring out their subordinates fee lings of worth and importance Performance standards exist to permit self-appraisal by subordinates, rather than to provide managers with a shot to control subordinates. Interaction between managers and subordinates is frank, friendly, and trusting.Low productivity Systems 1 and 2 stylesHigh productivity informative or Participative leadership style System 4 management desirable management in a wide variety of work situationsHigh in considerationLowest turnover ratesHighest employee satisfactionLow in considerationHigh in initiating structtureHigh grievance and turnover rates

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Principals of instructional design Essay

Organizational strategy is concerned with vision goals and objectives of an agreement. The task of an organization visualize is to look at the state of the telephone line and to designing strategies organization that meets its needs. Managers of different organizations and companies should warm up to the advancing machinery analyze the situations of their organizations and fool how the advancing technology would be of inspection and repair when planning their strategy and making radical throw changes to the organization.When creating a road map for the firm or company, the former should put into consideration the vision of the company. Therefore, the plan that the designer comes up with should be in line with the vision of the organization. Other factors that the designers or managers of a company should call of before laying out a plan to change the organization and its structure be tenacious term and short-term objectives of the organization and its goals (Brently, 2003) . A goal is a general statement that is used to appertain to the targets and aspirations that a company has and aims to accomplish.For these goals to be accomplished, determination and dedication to the work the employees do is highly recomm lay offed. My learning hinderance is primarily about competence in the field of argumentation. Competence has not been highly displayed in the profession market and the intervention will be inhabited to instill real professionalism in these students once they grade and are ready to venture into business. When the management of an organization decides to design strategies for their organizational it does not mean that, the organization was not strategized in the first place.It substance that there is need to ordinate to the changes that are casualty workaday in the global market. Starting the mold of engineering again is all about main reformations of the organizations activities. Its done to expand its structure when it comes to expe nses incurred , the clip the organization sp suppresss and how it meets the needs of the customers Repeated engineering of an organization means that the organization has to be redesigned from the beginning. The redesigning process starts with the most measurable processes.This saves a lot of time and costs that would give up been incurred in the whole process compared to laying strategies when it is in its current structure. This will mean that major changes that are not very essential will have to be do which is far more dear(predicate) If a company had no existing departments, jobs and protocol, reengineering will involve design of an effective strategy that meets the objectives and accomplishes its goals. The process of reengineering begins when the designers are determined and put into consideration the needs of the customers.The company make dos what is expected from it and develops a line up to cater for the clients or customers. Top management can create a equal team of people to design an organizational system that will achieve the laid strategy. Rethinking the organization is other factor to be considered. This is a process of Restructuring of the organization. Internal units under the management will be guiltless to interrelate with each other and with the ecological forces. Some organizations display the traits of this management approach to organization design (Rodney, 1998).Managers in a global environment should consider what they have and do not have in common with other firms as well as the structural features of multinational organizations. More firms have made contact with the international arena and have found it essential to rethink the styles they came up with to help them adjust handle the cultural diversity for spokesperson, once a company has achieved a reasonable contact globally, it establishes an worldwide distribution and this distribution is at the same organizational level as other major usable divisions.Learners will get to comprehend why technological and environmental changes are important in business and the effects that they have. They will be given insight on why changes in IT are happening so fast and extensively embraced. This will explain the reason why the relationship between the employees, provest of teaching and harmonization of tasks need to be reviewed almost every day. Learners will understand why it is important to establish contacts and have good relation with the customers at the preliminary stage. They get to know how productivity is seen by means of involvement of people.Staying in touch with the customers is essential since it gives the designers ideas on what to consider as they design the strategies for a event firm or organization. Learners will identify and explain dominant themes of current design strategies and their approaches. eg, universal approaches and calamity approaches. This is necessary because it helps the managers identify the best approach to use for their organization. The learner will explain how an organization is a system that is open and structured to incorporate two essential subsystems.The systems can be identified as the social and the technical subsystem (Maslow, 1998). Organizations are expected to lay strategies that take care of those in authority they should as well give an update of the relationships around the employees. The strategies are also say to cater for the training of interns and those already occupied inspection, rewards and punishments. Learners will know what the task of management, which is to observe the environment and issue directions or orders on structures, rules and procedures.When teaching organizational strategies, a content outline and unit plan should be created. The content outline contains the issuings that the instruct is supposed to cover in the entire course for example a topic on instructional design (Brently, 2003). The discipline explains the contents of the topic as an introd uction at the beginning of the topic. This gives the learner an idea of what to expect in the course duration. The tutor assigns duration of time to each of the topics he intends to cover by the end of the course.He might decide to assign 4 weeks to the topic Principals of instructional design. He has estimated that by the end of the 4 weeks, the topic should have been completed and another one began. The relevance of the intervention and instruction is to help learners describe the general nature and extent of business and how global competition affects business operations and in general how to design strategies for the company or organization in order for the business to flourish. The intervention helps the students survive competent in their different business fields.Therefore, the topics identified above all serve the purpose of contribute the relevant information for the intervention. The tutor is required to design a unit plan. It contains topics that will be taught, for exa mple organizational design strategies. He should still give an introduction of the topic to the students (Maslow, 1998). The plan also contains time duration that each topic need to be completed. Again, it is an estimate and sometimes it extends but the tutor should try to keep time. It also contains room set up.That is the environment that the learning should take place in and its condition. The tutor should also identify the method of interaction. For example he might decide on small theme discussions to give room for different opinions or to conduct a case study. The students can be asked to admit the people they want to work with. The materials for research or teaching are also included in the unit plan (Rodney, 1998). The materials could be slides, internet, resource books or journals. The teacher identifies the materials or media the students should use for a particular topic.The learning outcomes are not exceptional in a unit plan. This helps the tutor know if the objective s of the intervention have been accomplished. The tutor will explain if the topic teaches verbal, cognitive strategies, intellectual skills or attitude. For example, the topic Organizational strategies teach cognitive strategies and intellectual skills. With organizational designs in future (Brently, 2003). Taxononomy level is also included. The tutor states what domain the topic falls in. Cognitive, affective or psychomotor domain.A topic like move to designing an organizational strategy falls in the affective domain. It involves making goals and attaining them. The tutor should include in the plan his plans for assessment. This may be a comprehensive evaluation at the end of the course. This provides the tutor with information on the effort put in the instruction and if the students achieved what they were supposed to achieve at the end of the course. The plan will have the main objective of the study, which in this case is to be competent in the business world.

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Legalizing Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients

The highest value of a democratic society is human effectives, which means first of all(a) that a human being is the one who is in charge of his or her own life. The premise presupposes that a individual has the right to take a decision about what to do with his or her life on the most global level whether to go on living or stop living.That is why the state, which labor is to provide the execution of citizens rights, should pay cargonful attention to such a burning issue as assistanceing terminally gravely patients to die. The solution to the paradox is legalizing mercy killing as a demeanor of support human rights alongside taking into readation the possible clean-living challenges.Indeed, object lesson concerns open been the main factors which prevented the pronto spread of euthanasia which could otherwise happen. It is first of all religious communities which oppress the adoption of the law, and the more conscientiously conservative the country is the stronger is the oppression to assisted suicide. Even if one doesnt know which countries already have the relevant laws we can easily guess what they are by knowing their excessive tolerance to polemic issues like legalizing marijuana or gay marriages.Among them are first of all Scandinavian countries and Holland, some of them having choose the law others at the brink of adoption. It was in 1994 when Oregon approved Ballot Measure, which would have legalized physician-assisted suicide to a lower place limited condition but the vote met the oppression of Federal Government.So, the United States seem to belong to the countries with the strongest moral and religious orthodoxy alongside with deeply Catholic countries as opposed to the tolerant Protestant European societies mentioned above. However, the statistics certify it is non completely true. In 1999 Gallup organization held a national survey asking Americans the following call into question If you personally had a disease that could not be cured and were living in severe pain, would you consider committing suicide or not?.Forty percent answered yes, fifty one no and nine were not sure. So, on the face of it, the community divided in halves, roughly speaking. But a there is crucially primary(prenominal) detail which shouldnt be missed the respondents who took part are naturally not terminally ill and they dont suffer severe pain. This fact distorts the real statistics which might arise in effect they were suffering terrible tortures.But the controversy is not only about the rights of the patients but also about doctors who help their patients to die. The much-talked-of case of Dr.Kevorkian is the evidence of how ambiguous the interpretation of this or that action can be. He has been hailed as the sub of the right-to-die movement and denounced as a ghoulish cheerleader for suicide (Lesenberry, 1994) Jack Kevorkian, who helped twenty people to die on their request, was given a name Dr Death. The case demonstrated the controversy, the current system of law has there is no legal differentiation between killing out of hate and killing out of mercy.There is a moral difference, however. And if we try to trace how the legal system has been historically formed, it becomes clear that it grew out of moral system of values, it was its reflection. smart set has always been trying to match moral and law, and there have always been discrepancy between them which needful to be bridged. The historical process hasnt stopped, and the gap needs to be overcome.But looking at the problem closer makes it evident that it is not so much a matter of the motivation of killing because it is not so much the formal killer we are talking about. The focus is actually on the person who chooses death a doctor is just an instrument for performing his or her will. Everyone should realize that making euthanasia a legal option is not defending suicide but defending choice.Depriving people of the right to choose is a heavy v iolation of their human rights. The task of the state is to find a way how to protect the rights of one side without violating the rights of the other one. But the point is the right of all people are least protected when there is no legal definition of the issue at all.One of the arguments against euthanasia is the claimed sin of making the relatives of the terminally ill patients see if to keep them living, especially in case the are not able to decide themselves, like those in coma. Indeed, the issue is very sensitive, which the survey confirmed.The respondents were asked the question If a member of your family were terminally ill and wanted to die, would you be willing to help them? Forty percent said yes, 46 no, and fourteen percent were not sure. Indeed, this is a moral challenge for the relatives of the person but again it is a matter of having choice.Of course, it is easier for the relatives to have no choice in such cases because indeed, it must be the hardest choice a person can face in his or her life. On the other hand, it is questionable what is more mean to challenge the relatives with the decision or to let them shift responsibility by making the state decide instead of them.