Monday, May 27, 2019

Interstate Hydraulic Manufacturing Co. Essay

Interstate Hydraulic Manufacturing Co. is an established, family-owned manufacturer of hydraulic devices used in automobile suspensions and forklift trucks. From the factory in Muncie, Indiana, products are shipped to customers worldwide. All data affect is performed by a minicomputer, which handles payroll, billing, accounts receivable, inventory, and cost accounting. Workers clock on and off the job using time clocks, and they report job progress by filling show up a forms packet that accompanies each job lot. Data from the time cards and forms packets is keyed into the computer by data entry operators in the manufacturing division, who use terminals.Ben cubic decimeter is in charge of customer service, handling complaints, conducting plant tours, and providing information to the plant manager on product performance. One day Lambert is sitting at his desk, handling the backlog of correspondence he has accumulated. He picks up his office recorder and dictates the following letter Ms. Ellie NostromPurchasing DirectorMcCullin EnterprisesThank you very oftentimes for being so understanding last week when you called to inquire about your order. As I explained, we have a large number of jobs in functioning at any one time, and many more waiting in line. It is simply impossible to locate where one is without spending considerable time aspect through our records. Im sure you can understand. I later learned that your order was held up due to lack of materials. We have been having difficulty obtaining the nylon cylindrical lining that attaches the actuating arm to the housing. We have had only one supplier that could meet our high quality standards, and we have recently learned that its factory has been on act for almost half a year. We finally regain another supplier in California and placed an order with it. But when the bushings arrived, the receiving report was misfiled, and we didnl recognise that they were here. The receiving report, which is normally se nt to our accounting department, was sent to purchasing by mistake.After your call, I talked with the supervisor of receiving, and he said he remembered seeing the shipment. We finally located it in inventory and have issued a production order. The job is presently in process and should be completed either by the end of succeeding(a) week or early the following week. Again, thank you for calling attention to your order. Our customers are our most valuable asset, and we appreciate your business. You have our pledge that we will stretch forth to be responsive to your needs and supply you with the same high level of service that has been our trademark. Please do not hesitate to call on me at any time.

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