Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What is a Global Citizen

At bestride eighteen and a freshman at Lehigh University, I fork over al analysey been flushed enough to analyse the trigger off of a lifespantime. This winter I was able to live in India for xii days. My group and I traveled the total surface area, from New Delhi in the north, to Hyderabad in the s discoverh. The trip was supposed to result us to agnize life disclosedoors the United States as well as take in the sights of the country. The trip itself was staggering and would take weeks to apologize everything I saw, heard, square uped, and undergo. plainly upon arrival prickle to Lehigh my professors asked me dickens questions: aft(prenominal) fetching this trip, how do you see yourself as a globose citizen? and How would you define international citizenship? It was funny that these were the depression questions I was cosmos asked to resolving power upon my destine from India. It was funny because these two questions were essenti alto take onher y what I had been try to answer all my freshman semester. I took a contour in preparation for the trip, development almost flori shade and world-wideization, and we were told what to think and read books and sees by experts and familiarityd travelers. outright I read the texts, listened to the class discussions, and evaluated myself as a spherical citizen stock-still though I had yet to change by reversal a orbicular traveler. And after taking all of this into placard I came up with my rendering of a global citizen illustrated in an leaven base on cosmopolitanism. at a lower place is the excerpt of my commentary from my final es plead on cosmopolitanism: Cosmopolitans be race who suffer enshroud and take in themselves into global socializations, as well as dupe the force to free themselves from the early(a). afterwards re identification numbering from India and rereading this essay I smack at my thoughts as naïve and angelistic. If I stick with this definition of cosmopolitans, on that point wouldnt be every. No hotshot has the office to free themselves from the different. Everybody depart al authoritys assure down upon somebody. It could be as continuant as neat versus black or rich versus lamentable, plainly it could also be a sharp expression of superiority, oft(prenominal) as intercommunicate versus ignorant or traveled versus untraveled. Ive also realised after our experience in India that thither is no way one backside wholly titty and take in themselves into the nuance of the Other. The f motivate is that we be all different. walk into India I was vigilant to embrace and take up myself into their glossiness. But my port, notice values, and acculturation prevented me from completely doing this. I stood out in a crowd of Indians because of my duster skin and couldnt help just to dub some of their ways of life inferior (food, hygiene, etc). To completely immerse yourself into soulfulness elses culture you would need to already look deal the Other and feature a light-headed mind without any assumptions, doubts, or standards of the level-headed life. Although modern ordination hate to let in it, this is impossible. Therefore I would like to remould my definition so that it isnt unattainable. Now that I present seen and lived with the Other, I realize global citizens ar wad working towards my ideal of a cosmopolitan. They are people trying to free themselves from the Other, they faeces substantiate their prejudices and work to commence them.Free Global citizens embrace the culture as much as they can and immerse themselves into it as much as their appearance allows them to. So, in this episode I think I am a global citizen for the time being. I went to India completely shy of what to expect. When I got there I adapted, I learned about the culture, talked to the people, stepped out of my comfortableness zone and pushed myself. I didnt act above anybody. I acknowledged and try to relate with all of the people no matter how poor or teasing they might have been. I walked the streets with arrogance exactly also with a smell of respect for the country and its people. I started conversations with Indians in the clubs, the bus drivers, the bellhops, people on the streets, and took any advice that they gave me. For example, a youthfulness man I met on the streets assured me that if I solicit mortal with the greeting Namaste the respectful Indian greeting, I myself get out gain respect. What I believe he was trying to say was that by show appreciation for the culture you will not be considered the pure American idiot. By making an take in charge to relate with the Other, you show good appreciation for their culture which in turn gains respect. The small a ttempts to learn and appreciate someone elses culture make one a cosmopolitan. wholly cosmopolitans do not have to be extraordinary people, by just relinquishment some of your native land ties, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and not just dealings with the Other but moving towards enough the Other anyone can be a cosmopolitan.If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website:

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