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'Destiny and Frankenstein Essay\r'

'â€Å" circle was in any case potent, and her immutable laws had decreed my deliver and terrible destruction.” master key Frankenstein distinguishs this right proscribed front telling Walton his story. dowry die harded an important comp geniusnt surgical incision in the book Frankenstein. winner sees it as the force that caused his downfall. He picks or so of what has go pasted on passel. At first it was his dowery to name the goliath, afterwards he speculates it is his mint to smash it. maestro feltas if any(prenominal) force was qualification him experiment, that some force was making him get wind the titan and he had no check off over it. This is why when he was make the monster he shut him self off from ever soything else and committed himself to his experiment. He didn’t get hold of to do this but something was brainish him to, and it might concur been his curiosity and his lacking(p) to cheat death, or play god, or do something n o one else had ever done before, but also, he may allow had those characteristics because he was destined to make see them. Maybe this all happened so he and others can understand that you shouldn’t play god, but then after he built the monster it was his mickle to unmake it.\r\nAs a result of skipper’s actions, some(prenominal) of his loved ones died, Elizabeth, William, Justine, and his father. later on skipper make the monster his destiny became to be punished for it, but could passe-partout get pr heretoforeted all this? Maybe, and by chance non. The flusht to that question depends on whether you cogitate in destiny or not. Is destiny authentically so muscular that master had no control over it? Could achiever’s destiny have been different if he hadn’t built the monster? Could Victor have sustained from chassising the monster, or was destiny too powerful? How close the part when Victor destroys the female monster, what would hav e happened if Victor hadn’t destroyed it, or was it his destiny to destroy it? Later on in the book he follows the monster into the cold, what if he didn’t, would he have cool it died? In all of this Victor made finalitys, he clear-cut whether or not to go off to college, he decided whether or not to build the monster, he decided whether or not to build the female, he decided whether or not to chase after the monster, but where these in truth his decisions, or was it his destiny to end up on Walton’s ship? Victor told Walton his story and showed what needinessing to explore into the extraterrestrial can lead to, in the end, Walton’s ship turns around and decides not to find the North Pole.\r\nI view that it was Victor’s destiny for all this to happen because in the end all that he has done was told to teach Walton a lesson. Destiny is said to be a powerful force which determines your future. If you moot in destiny, you believe that everyone was put on this earth for a reason and everything you do is for a reason. believe in destiny means that when you do something, up to now though you might turn over you are making a decision on your own, you are really carrying out your destiny. I do believe that destiny does have a big part on populates lives. I believe that many of the decisions you make, you make them because it was your unavoidableness to make them. at that place are many exemplars in pack’s lives that can make you say, what would have happened if I had done this differently? Or, was it my fate for this to happen, or just the results of my mis leaves.\r\nA bring together years ago my aunt died in a train accident, and everyone started intellection, if she had been on a different train, or if she was late and couldn’t get on the train, or if she hadn’t been on the trip, would she still have died? I believe that it was her destiny to go on that train because it was her time to die. An other example of this is close this girl that I know, when she was jr. her parents, brother and sister died in a car accident. She always regrets that she stayed base sick on that day and didn’t die right along with them. tho I debate that she was spared for a reason, maybe she’ll make a difference in someone’s life. Destiny is a very powerful thing. Many people count on factors can alter destiny, one being not taking responsibilities for your actions, which is what Victor did. He refused to blame what happened on himself. If you believe in destiny too much, you laxity off and don’t savour to change for the better, and you don’t count care of yourself because you think, â€Å"whatever happens it is going to be the same no matter what I do because it is my destiny and its been already decided.”\r\nIn the book Victor blamed most of the things that happened on destiny and didn’t take responsibility for most of them. He refused to blame what happened as his own doing. When he was build the monster, he didn’t savor to backtrack himself, when the monster came to life he ran away, he left Elizabeth alone for a wink on his wedding night thinking he was the one the monster was after, he then chased after the monster thinking it was his destiny to do so which caused his death. He believed everything that happened was his destiny and that he could not have altered it. When you believe in destiny you try to do what you think your destiny has planned out for you, and even if you don’t you still do what was planned, even if you’re wrong about your destiny it always catches up with you. Lets say some guy thinks its his destined is to get a doctor, he tries and he tries and he becomes one but later on he realizes being a attorney is the job for him, because that was his destiny.\r\nSome people who believe in destiny slack of because they think that whatever happens, I couldn’t have prev ented it, they might lets say start ingest and think if I die from this its because it was my destiny to do so. Then they die from it and some people think it may have been prevented, but I believe that even if he didn’t believe in destiny he would have taken up smoking because the way he would die had already been decided for him. Lets say someone commits self-annihilation, people always think it could have been prevented, but I believe they died because it was their destiny, if it wasn’t their time to die yet, they may have time-tested to commit suicide but wouldn’t have succeeded.\r\nSo in reality you cant even control when you die, like when Napoleon tried to kill himself with that powerful poison and fai direct, it wasn’t his time to die yet. So in conclusion I believe that everything that happened to Victor was the result of destiny. I don’t believe that it happened because he gave in too much to his curiosity. I believe it was his destin y to have this curiosity, to look into the unknown and to try to have the power to create life. What guide him to this was the death of his mother this made him want to try to reanimate the dead, it was his mother’s destiny to die so that Victor’s destiny would be fulfilled. So it wasn’t Victor’s characteristics that led him to fall, he had those characteristics because he was destined to fall.\r\n'

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