Tuesday, January 22, 2019

If Nas Ruled The World Essay

We have all fantasized about ruling the world In our drop time. Whether you ruled wit an Iron fist or gave free Ice cream to your followers, everybody has rules oppositely. I n the vocal music If I rule The World by Nas featuring Lauren Hill, Nas Imagines a world that ca n besides be classified as ghetto fabulous. Although this song ideally disagrees with everything entrust in, I support Nas idea of unity.The world that NAS speaks of is a place where y o can smoke weed in the streets without the cops harassing, court without mental test and people e more conscious of the way we raise our daughters. This whitethorn sound want anarchy for the m cost part, precisely Nas speaks of a place like paradise for some. Nanas, formally known as Nas, was r eased in Queens, New York. This is shown evident from the song alone. Nas speaks of problem s that you would not find many other places other than the slums of New York.In the song he peaks of Welfare, weed, cocaine, parole, undercover cops, and the list continues. These Ideas may seem foreign, but Queens alone feels like a different world from the close by New York City. This is why I like this song. He did not attempt to speak politics or thrift values when he showed us a glimpse of his hierarchy but he spoke of a world that Queens k forward-looking nothing about. Nanas spoke of a peaceful place. This song was an effective persuasive audio essay because he clearly stated his mall Idea, support It, and reached the targeted audience.

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