Friday, January 25, 2019

Levis Business Report

REPORT FOR THE means OF LEVIS STRAUSS LADIES JEANS FOR EDGARS RETAIL STORES To Directors of Edgars, This report serves to provide information about Levis Strauss Jeans which we wish to give through your retail stores, Edgars. Levis Strauss is a clothing line which has the potential to beat very popular, especially once our new line of ladies jeans is introduced into the market. Target food market Although the target market for our Jeans is limited to women, the popularity and demand for Jeans is increasing by the day.The consumers would be able to clothing Jeans in a casual manner with a shirt for their all(prenominal) day errands, and they would to a fault be able to wear them slightly more(prenominal) dressed up with a blazer for work. Jeans atomic number 18 a piece of clothing that are worn by every class of people for al nigh every occasion and this would put us at an advantage in the current market. Previously, Jeans were thought to be lone(prenominal) for workers, cow boys, etc. However, the consumer demand has shifted from the durability of jeans to the means of jeans. Materials UsedThe materials take awayed to make the jeans would be denim, cotton, zips buttons, rivets and thread for embroidery of the brand name. These empennage be obtained with ease approximately South Africa which impart lower our cost price as we entrust not need to import materials in order to produce the jeans. This provide allow us to provide the jeans at a lower and more competitive price, therefore attr coifing more consumers to your stores. Possible Challenges and Strategies One of the challenges that we, as the manufacturers of the jeans, pillowcase is the threat of new entrants into the market and the threat of substitutes.Our generation consists of many young, ripe and enthusiastic designers who could possible introduce a new brand of denim jeans into the market. This could also tie in with the threat of substitutes as there are literally hundreds of lines that offer jeans as one of their products such as Guess, unmanlike Boy, shrive 2 b U, and RT to name but a few. In order to overcome this challenge we would need to ensure that our product has a high level of differentiation, meaning that it would need to stand out against the opposite brands of denim jeans.We could do this by using edgy advertisements. For example, women wearing vigour but the jeans themselves but with shadows covering the necessities such as breasts etc. This will attract women to the jeans as it implies that the jeans will give them sex appeal. We would also need to emphasise what makes our jeans different by showing their authenticity, originality, variety, quality, and their unique fit. Our jeans are also offered at a premium price and would be easily get-at-able to consumers as many people shop at Edgars stores.It could also be emphasised that our jeans are classic yet still modern and they passel be worn for comfort as well as style. circumvent showing substitutes chosen if Levis Jeans were not available (Calculated on 120 respondents) mark Percentage of Respondents Sissy Boy 61% Guess 15% Free 2 b u 17% RT 7% Levis Jeans can be considered as a style instead of just a modality or a trend. A fashion and a trend flex slowly in the market but eventually the sales take up to decline.It is considered a style as, although jeans may not always be the most popular choice of clothing, they will always come back into fashion and have the potential to make a come-back in the market of the fashion industry. Another possible challenge would be that our brand could struggle internationally and this could affect its popularity locally. However, we have adopted the motto think local and act global. This ensures the potential consumer that the product is of good quality yet it can still be sold at a competitive and presumable price.There have been some complaints of our jeans tearing in some places on hello Peter, however, we have made an e ffort to strengthen our product physically by improving our production process and testing the strength of certain garments in a batch to ensure that the products provided are of the highest quality possible ratiocination After careful market segmentation, efforts in improving the product and in-depth epitome of the market, we believe that our product would be a valuable addition to your figure of speech of products sold at your retail stores.With careful marketing strategies, innovative cerebration and continuous attention given to the consumer needs, Levis Strauss could add to your stores success. entertain consider our proposal favourably. Regards, Kirsty Smit Levis Strauss CEO References * http//www. scribd. com/doc/31538621/Project-report-on-starting-a-new-business-Comfort-Jeans * http//www. madehow. com/Volume-1/Blue-Jeans. html * http//www. uvm. edu/shali/Levi. pdf * http//www. cleanclothes. org/betterbargain/946-case-file-levi-strauss-a-co * http//en. wikipedia. org/wi ki/Levi_Strauss All of the in a higher place websites were visited on the 4th of October 2012.

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