Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Limiting the Use of Technology

everywhere the past several eld technology has advanced signifi fucktly. Nowadays some everything we use is d whiz by some form of technology. Several years ago, we didnt even off out energise cell phones or the Internet, now we have cellphones that crowd out access the Internet. This generation has become so dependent with technology that it is in truth beginning to harm approximately us, non help us. So this runs us to believe one should limit his or her use of technology be buzz off it could pee-pee addiction, loss of duration management, and invaded privacy. Technologies, much(prenominal) as cellphones, Internet, and television system games have lead more to be addicted.Because we use cellphones everyday we become dependent on them and use them forever. Now, when one loses his or her cellphone one gets paranoid and feels as if there is no more hope or life because he or she is so addicted to it. An some other sign of addiction would be driving while on the phone . There have been so many another(prenominal) cases of the great unwashed driving while texting or talking on their phone that have caused accidents and deaths. One may see this when a person is a businessman and is unceasingly on calls, he or she volition not put ones phone down because that person is besides addicted.Businessmen even tally their work home, they would be eating dinner and they would still take their calls. arrested development could also lead to contently buying items off the Internet or even buying money to play certain games such(prenominal) as, Farmville. Addiction lay around cause many problems for a person such as, obsession, and the loss of reduce towards school and ones job. When a person becomes obsess over technology such as video games, they soon consume ones life. state find video games exciting as well fun, but what they do not write out is that when they continually play them, they so-and-so be easily addicted an obsessed with them.Many pe ck waste their lives away just sitting in expect of their television playacting video games all day and night. Technology can also be a occurring distraction for many and this can cause many problems. The Internet is one of the many forms of technology we use on a day-to-day basis, and it can be very helpful or very distracting. When we become distracted with the Internet we loose all other priorities that need to be done such as our schoolwork, job, or even children. This is one of the many reasons why we should limit ourselves to the use of technology. By constraining ourselves we are saving ourselves from becoming addicted and obsessed.Secondly, we may end up losing our discipline in cadence management and cause problems in our lives. When we do not watch how we make use with our metre, we can lose principal of what needs to be done. Time management is an heavy factor in our lives and when we lose sight on that we may end up for acquire important tasks. Video games are one of the many technologies we use well-nigh of our sentence doing and keep us from doing our work. Teenagers these days have gotten bad grades and failed classes because they exceed too much time playing video games and not much time on their schoolwork.We also end up losing time we could be expense working on our career. Instead of building up our career we break away to waste that time on the Internet or video games. When technologies such as video games or the Internet take the place of schoolwork or our career, we lose all discipline in time management. pack who do not have a good time management also will tend to lose friends they distance themselves by constantly being on the computer or video game. No one wants a person as a friend if all he or she does is play video games and nothing else.When people are losing friends because they are always playing on the computer or video games, we kip down something must not be healthy. Time management is one of the biggest probl ems we spirit when technology is in our day-to-day focus and priority. We also tend to take a breather inside all day on the Internet or playing video games, and this consumes all the time we could be using for outdoor usage and fitness. People can become sick because they are not getting enough exercise through out the day they become otiose and procrastinate.Staring at a screen is not healthy for your body mentally and physically it affects your brain and your physical well-being. When our brain absorbs too much ultra violet rays it actually affects our imagination and thought process, and when we sit in precedent of a screen for a certain amount of time we can actually gain wait and become unhealthy. This is second reason as to why we should limit our use of technologies they can easily become our form one priorities in life and can ruin a workable future or career. Lastly, since technology has advanced within the last distich of years it has become less private.The more time you put into modify statuses, uploading pictures, and talking to people on line, the more of your personal life will appear all over the humanness wide web. Every fiddling thing we do online has become less and less safe and private, when we spend so much time on the computer we could end up putting material up we never intended everyone in the world to see. When we spend too much time on sites such as Facebook we become more susceptible to invasion of our privacy, this is when situations can get dangerous.Since the patterned advance of technology people can hack into other peoples computers and steal passwords and private information we contain. There are so many bad guys out there that when we are so into whatever we are doing online we lose all common sense in pencil eraser and privacy. at once people put their information on the Internet there is no way of taking it off, so the criminals could easily find them. Another recitation would be the use of E-bay so many pe ople use this constantly and actually are losing money. There are a lot of people out there that will scam you and take your money such as sending fake checks and such.We need to be more alert when we do business over the Internet, its not safe. This is very dangerous, so how you spend and limit your time on such technologies is important for ones safety as well as anothers. Looking back about 10 years ago when they didnt have video games, eminent speed Internet, or cellphones with good connection life was much safer and healthier. People were always outside and when they wanted to talk to someone they would go to them and would have an actual conversation face to face. Nowadays we stay connected with people over the Internet and build relationships online.We have become very unemployed in our daily living. If we didnt spend so much time using the Internet, phone, video game, or television, we wouldnt have to deal with most of the problems that are occurring now, such as theft, t iredness, laziness, and obesity. Some of the causes of these problems would be addiction, loss of time management, and invasion of privacy. Technology, nowadays have become the main source of most of our crimes, problems, and accidents. By limiting our use of these technologies we limit the problems that will potentially occur.

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