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The Secret of Ella and Micha Chapter 14

MichaWe end up racing main office. I let her win, even though Id love to hold up out water the favor, which would include lots of dirty things that shes non fructify for. So instanter I owe her a favor and she puts me she has to commend about it, with this little tease in her voice that makes me grin.We relegate steerings at our ho recitations and she leaves me with the promise shell try to come everyplace later tonight. Shes easily changing venture into the girl I know, although that night compose haunts her eyes, only Im non sure shell ever re ally halt everyplace it completely.Its still raining and lightning like hell, which means the fellowships passage to shake off to seclude assign inside. Ethan and I drag the wet keggers inside and stand them on the kitchen table. Thithers a note tacked on the wall from my mom, telling me shes going to be home late.Ethan starts rummaging through and through the cupboards for some food. What bands playacting?Naomis. I principal to my room to potpourri and get my guitar. Answer the door if anyone knocks.In my room, I tug on a grey t- dress and pull a colored pin-striped shirt all over it. I slip on a p business of black jeans and put on a studded belt. Then I conquer my guitar and text Naomi.Me When u planning on heading over?Naomi Soon. wherefore? You waiting on us to tell us some super exciting news.Me I havent concluded yet.Naomi Dont bias it pile. Its a great opportunity.Me Im not sayin yes or no. See u in a bit.When Naomi took me annexe at the coffeehouse, she first proposed the idea that I should replace their guitarist and hit the road with them. At first, I was all for it. Its what Ive demanded to do since I was twelve and rocked out with Ethan and Dean in the garage. that accordingly I thought clog to Ellas sad eyes and doubts washed over me.The chime rings and I head to the living room to get the party started and clear my head for one night.EllaBy the time I decide t o go over to Michas, things be already getting out of devote. Cars ar parked on the lawn, and garbage cans are tipped over. Someones even sit on the roof.Lila talks me into going and we run up the driveway with our blazonry over our heads to shield our cop from the rain, exactly the assemblyed foyer overwhelms me and I start to bottom out.Stop being a baby and go in there, she says, giving me a gentle shove forward. I want to actualize the tough girl everyone keeps talking about.No, you dont. Trust me, I tell her. She was mean and she would have never been friends with you.Okay, because show me a golden medium. She has a dark blue, strapless dress on that matches her shoes and her light-haired hair rests on her shoulders in curls, which have slipped loose because of the rain. You can transmute yourself without losing your identity completely.I turn away from the crowd toward her. Why have we never talked like this before?She smiles sadly. Because you would never let us .She says something else, further the melody stifles her words. I fan the smoke from my causa and step into the kitchen. Holding the tail assembly of my black besiege, I maneuver through the crowd toward the table. I escape Lila for a moment, but when the crowd thins, Lila stumbles out, stomping on a guys foot with her luxuriously heel.She curses, fussing with her hair. Has Micha ever heard of a little thing called air teach?He probably forgot to turn it on I watchword over the music. Wait here. Ill go turn it up.I squeeze through the crowd toward the living room and the band. The music is deafening and I realize its Micha playing with Naomi. Theyre sharing the microphone and he looks like hes enjoying himself. I stop in the middle of the room and watch him from the crowd. Hes gorgeous under the light with his hair hanging in his eyes as he spills out his lyrics to battalion and strums on the guitar.I rump through the room and into the hall. Theres a checkmate making out in front of the ther intimatelyat. The music quiets protrude and consequently starts up again as I gently guide them over and they move out of my way without breaking their lips from each other. Fanning my face, I turn up the cold air. Suddenly, long arms encircle my waist and the odor of him fills my chest.I thought you were playing, I yell over the music with my pass press to my heart.I was, but I took a break to see you. His breath smells like beer.I scrunch up my nose. Are you sot?Ive only had one beer, he says. Im just excited to see you.And to be playing again, I state.His smile is huge and it makes me happy for a moment. Yeah, that too. I saw you watching me.I shrug, playing it off. Im glad youre happy. You looked sad introductory at the drive-in.His hand finds my hip and he grips it tightly, sending waken through my eubstance. Im even happier now that youre here.I relax against the wall. You know Ive heard you use that pickup line on girls before, properly?Come on, let me have some fun with you, he begs with a tease in his voice. throw like you dont know any of my moves.You want me to pretend like Im somebody else? I question. Havent you been telling me to do the opposite?The reflection of the light dances in his eyes as he leans forward and wisps of his hair brush my cheek. fair(a) be the girl I use to know. The one that had fun and laughed all the time.That girl would have never pretended with you, even if you requested her to.I know that.His other hand finds my waist and his body slants toward me. Glancing from leftover to right, I slide my manpower up his firm chest and link them or so his neck. Then I pull myself onto him and hitch my legs nigh his waist. His expression is stoic, but he lets out a growl and his lips come down intemperately on mine. Our chests press together as he thrusts his body into me. Our tongues connect, view each other thoroughly. My back is pressed into the thermostat and my skirt further covers the top o f my thighs. My head move back against the wall as he trails kisses down my neck. My breathing is rapid and so is my pulse. What is he doing to me?The music pelf and Naomis voice testifys over the speakers. Micha Scott, get your ass back up here and play right now.Micha pulls away, breathless. I have one more yell to play and then you and I are going to pick right back up with this.Before I can answer, he leaves me in the hall. Touching my lips, I watch him weave back to the stage, knowing if he does pick it up, Im not going to be able to stop it this time. fight with the loss of control over my own body, I wander back into the kitchen. Lilas over by the cooler, sipping on a drink and talking to Ethan. Straightening my shoulders, I march up to the counter and pour myself a drink. Lila and Ethans eyes are on me as I knock it back. The alcohol burns my pharynx as I slam the cup down on the counter. Whos up for a game of quarters?***Two hours and three shots later, Im feeling joll y good. The band has finished playing and Micha has joined our game at the table. sweep up by AWOLNATION beats through the stereo, soft lyrics and a sultry meter and it takes me back to another time.I think Im going to go dance, I announce to the table.Ah ha, I knew you secretly liked to dance. Lila slams her hand down on the table and then hiccups. Oh, excuse me.Ethan laughs at her like shes the cutest thing in the world. Are you reaching your limit little girl?Lila narrows her eyes puckishly at Ethan. Im not the one who missed the last three shots.He replies with a comeback, but I dont hear it as I rise from my chair anxious to dance. Micha watches me inquisitively as I make a path through the crowd. Faceless people bead with childbed and the air smells like salt and is lit with desirable heat. The farther I subside into the crowd the hotter it gets. By the time Im in the relate, my skin is damp with sweat and the thin fabric of my strapless shirt is sticking to my back.Ther es a sinfulness inside my chest, like the devil hidden inside me is about to make a grand appearance. I raise my hands and sway my hips, allow my hair fall down my shoulders and back. I breathe freely, just like I use to. The more the music plays, the more relaxed I become. My head falls from side to side and my eyelids drift shut.I feel psyche move up behind me and they smell of desire mingled with an earthy olfactory sensation and something mouthwatering.Micha places his hands on my hips, his hands domineering. He nearly melts me as he spreads his fingers around my waist and presses his body against mine, wanting as much of me as he can get.I thought you didnt dance anymore, he whispers in a feral voice, his warm breath touching every part of me.I lean back into him, comfortable, and breathe in his familiar scent. I guess Im a liar.You didnt use to be. He sweeps my hair to the side and implores our bodies immediate as he moves with me. Through the fabric of our clothes, I fee l the heat radiating off him like the sun. In fact, you used to be the most honest person I knew.I slant my head back against his chest. I know, and Im working on getting it back.Good, Im glad. His hands slide down my hips and dont stop until they reach the hem of my skirt. Werent you and I supposed to finish what we started in the hall?I start to pull away, but he intensifies his marry and restrains me against him so were bonded in every way possible. I feel the unfeelingness of his chest and the heat emitting off every single God bastard part of him. It makes me want to moan.Youre fucking driving me crazy. You know that? He whispers through a groan as his fingers slip underneath the side of my skirt and up my thighs. I want you, pretty girl. Badly. Hes not lying. His desire is pressed up against the back of my waist.I should stop him Hes practically got his hand up my dress and were surrounded by a ton of people, but I give in to him, subsiding in his arms, and let his fingers inch high up my skirt. Slowly, he kisses my skin, before parting his lips and nipping my neck, sucking, tasting, driving my body mad. His other hand wanders upward on the outside(a) of my shirt and over the curve of my breast. I practically come undone in his arms. Without warning, I turn around, slipping out of his grip. I secure my arms around his neck. His eyes darken as he welds our bodies back together.My head falls back, allowing him access as I put my weight into his lean arms. He holds me tightly, tracking kisses down the hollow of my neck, licking my collar bone, delving let down and lower as his hand sneaks for the bottom of my skirt again and the palm of his hand caresses the back of my thigh.He groans, cupping the back of my head with his other hand, then suddenly he pulls away. How drunk are you?I glance from left to right like theres an answer hidden in the crowd. I dont know.He sighs and drags his fingers through his hair. Youre killing me, you know that?Im sorry. I pout.He laughs and directs me back over to the table. Go meet up with Lila and Ill be there in a bit, okay.Why? Where are you going? I ask.He rubs his hand crossways his face and lets out a breathy laugh. I have to go take care of some business.We part ways and I go back to the kitchen like he told me. Lilas eyes are accusing as I sit down at the table. I try not to smile, but Im too intoxicated to care.Look at you, Lila says. All smiley.I start to say something, but spot Micha talking to Naomi in the middle of the crowd. She laughs at something he says and then the two of them head toward the hall where his bedroom is.I guess that was the business he had to take care of. I get up from the table and without another word I run outside into the rain.MichaElla is killing me tonight. Ive got a hard on so bad, its probably going to take an hour in an ice-cold shower to calm me down and shes drunk, so I cant take it any further. I head back to my room, to take care of the problem mysel f, when Naomi meets up with me.She waves her finger at me and then laughs. You and I need to talk.I still havent decided I shout over the music.She takes me by the arm and tugs me down the hall, bumping people out of the way until we reach my room. She shuts the door and flips on the light. Alright, please explain to me why its so hard to make the decision about something youve always wanted to do?Id rather not.She throws her hands in the air, exasperatedly. I dont get you. All you used to talk about in high school was playing in a band on the road.I still do, I say. But Im not sure if I can leave people behind.Her face relaxes and her hands fall to her side. I actually get that. I was worried to leave my dad alone, but I talked to him and explained why and you know what? He understood.Mines more complicated, Naomi. I sit down on the bed, wishing shed leave. Its not just my mom Im worried about.She sits down on the bed beside me and crosses her legs. Its because of Ella.Fuck, am I that obvious, I say. Because I always thought I was subtle.She snorts a laugh. Youve never been subtle. And its not just you. Its both of you. But you know what, you cant center youre life around one girl. You gotta move on and live life the way you want to.She doesnt get it. Yeah, lets not talk about this.Alright. She holds her hands up. Sorry, Ill let you be. I just wanted to give you something to think about.She pats me on the knee before heading out into the hall. Once the door shuts, I fall back onto my bed. Maybe shes right. Maybe it is time to let go of her.Fuck. I need resolution.My eyes wander toward Ellas house. It is dark, except for one light. The keister where her mother died. That light hasnt been on for eight months. Why is it on now?

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