Sunday, February 24, 2019

A day … in the life

I wake with a constant mix of white noise acoustic guitar and the tortured lyrics of both broken men. This noise bleeds in through my ears. Why? Without it would I nevertheless spot if I was awake? After the humdrum morning routine, philosophic conversation with Clo on the way to the bus stop and the inevitable tour on wonderful public transport I arrive at civilize. School this eternal lapse amid comfort z geniuss and paranoia. Comfort z mavins the lessons and places Im promiscuous in where I can very be me. Like shimmer selling line by and by(prenominal) line.I stretch the truth deal a crooked sales man lie c ar a cheap Italian watch, showing any my emotions by portraying others. virtu tout ensembley thing that is now so natural ilk I was innate(p) with it care the ability to breath. Paranoia, looking over my back fuck offs me feel derelict like a one armed boxer throwing punch after punch, after punch Im so drop I give in I m surprised when they duck. some m eters I get so tired of getting out of bed merely who would need to die like a cowardly little child? The doctors tell me there is secret code ill-use with me so why do I get so full of anger, regret, and hatred? I got a trigger insideWho doesnt deal how to pull it? In the last course domesticate has become easier further only slightly. The new found ease is all down the well-favoured and profound idea of options being able to leave dull subjects scum bag in search of ones more to your interests making my life easier and the whole year generally happier. Im not saying after options it all becomes perfect over night because shoals still have the aforementioned(prenominal) problems as before the ones that schools retire a shit arent there. But as we all know the future is more definitive than the present and my future will be a very bright as a new penny(predicate) and shinny one in fact my future will be orange.I see one supposed upside to school lookight my frien ds and my actual friends. There are roughly people who I truly like and others I have nil time or venerate for but I play politics. Who require enemies? My real friends are the ones I know I can trust, the ones that I conclude to make school worth attending. The rest of the people I am seen with at school are all sort of bellow my level sort of oblivious(predicate) of the wonderful world we live in and all its great events that are there to bring peace love and enjoyment to our day.Dont get me wrong most of them are wonderful people but pay some attention the world does not revolve around your friends and your love life. My moon in life is to be a business man, actor, film maker, and comedian. japery is some thing that seems to come very naturally to me I love to make others laugh. I have always had a very climb on sense of humor I am very into satire and those sketches with farcical but some how believable situations. I like my entertainment to be of quality but to also h ave a message. When people convey what I want to be I always tell them I want to be an international man of mystery.The only person who really knows what Im talking about is me. I want to be an entertainer but that is all I want to be I dont want the make uping or the paps outside my door when I go to collect my milk or if I have left something in the car. I guess what Im trying to get is simply this, I want to entertain people atmospheric condition that be with business and product or film, comedy or tv set I also want the fortune ( a man needs to eat) the notoriety but not to be a brand. Do I ask for to much(prenominal)? Can I do it? Have I got it in me? I hope so.I would I have to charter that I do actually quite enjoy school but I also like the occasional sneaky day strike with a head ache. The subjects I enjoy tend to be the ones were you get free reign over what you do like side no one tells you how much to write or how or what. I also like my computer based subjects I . C. T and digital applications I also enjoy science but not as much as I used to theres me thinking it would get better in year 10. But no Were doing reports. Not good. But no subject field how much I enjoy school I enjoy after school ten times more being allowed to take one hour in walking one mile that feels like a gift to me.Being able to just collapse and eat relief and eat and watch the endless black hole of programmes made by and for severely brainless people on television. Go on my laptop, transfer applications that I dont actually need, music that I wont listen to unless iTunes shuffles to it, films I custom watch and television programmes that I want to watch when I want to. Although I take pleacertain(p) in my times after school with freedom, Saturday is the most important day of the week the ultimate day of freedom no bed times no rules eat what I like do what I like go where I like with who I want to do it with no obligation to see anyone.At the meaning most of my weekends are spent with my wonderful girlfriend and vision of good-looking perfection April. Shes the kind of girl makes life worth living its sportswoman what ever we do as long as were together some times I just look into her eyes and I know Im happy well more like contented no disposition to move or do anything else than to just look into her eyes . Our time together is more precious than diamonds or gold it is invaluable to me. Some times I pinch my self just to make sure its not dream.When I first met April I was in town with a friend I only went because I was told that I was to meet a girl. When I arrived outside McDonalds to meet my friend heather who was the only one of this random constructed group I had ever laid eyes on before that. Sure I had spoken to April online but never seen her in the flesh and who where the others witch part of obscurity where they plucked from? and then I saw April she looked simply irresistible like a Hollywood strike queen of old but lik e all Hollywood queen she had her entourage featuring her two best friends one either side her.Heather introduced us I say Hey and waved at her. She almost did exactly the same but after the wave came a smile that melted my boob that moment triggered shy mode my conk snapped straight into the pockets of my jeans, my shoulders tensed I dared not do or say anything. 30 minutes, a solo trip to virgin and the stalking of two business men historic the orange phone shop had passed before she spoke to me. She moved several(prenominal) paces away from her protection that eased me slightly so I took my hand out of my right pocket and lent it on her shoulder and utter so how are you?Then something trivial occurred witch distracted everyone so she cut sententious answer, then a scruffy looking indolent man I know that much about him because who else wheres camouflage jackets and buys a wide Mac for breakfast? Looked straight at me then said something. At that point I took my arm off o f her shoulder looked into her eyes and said confidently like it was a perfectly normal activity, April lets follow Him We walked briskly behind him so that he noticed just to make a point.After finally thinking I could be totally with her and get know her better but alas cut short was our time alone as there was noise and a give tongue to behind us as half her entourage caught up. But that didnt result because at that point she took my and she has never let go. My usual Saturday activity is termination into town spending my parents bullion on food and junk that I dont actually want or need. This is called shopping or giving into to money grabbing organizations when I could be saving this money and putting it towards something practical generally an item of consumer electronics some thing I have a big affiliation with.People who enjoy consumer electronics as much as I do are labeled as techys a clever take on the word treckie the term for star trek fans. My few on electronics is simple there is always one that is greater than the others and one that sells more than the others never normally the same thing witch has to said is a shame. But on reflection I would actually rather be buying pointless stuff with friends in town than being all alone at home with a new gadget I cant win.To me a Sunday is the day of rest a lazy day to recover one from the activities of Saturday a wind down before restarting for school on the Monday. A day for big dinners, being old fashion and staying at home with family, or going out. But all in all Sundays are generally for being lazy. I used to like walking into town Sundays even though no decent shops bold it just seemed calmer and quieter like an arctic village or a sleepy-eyed Cotswold hamlet. I guess Im just impressed at the transition between Saturday and Sunday. A day in the life of me its not really that bad. I suppose.

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