Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Locked Out :: Short Stories Crime Violence Papers

Locked Out Death is a small price to pay for respect--the wrangling spilled from the headphones like crude oil. Erway Dewey listened to the music barely hearing the lyrics. The words were caliginous and damaging but soothed the roughness of the harsh surroundings. It didnt matter what the words say anyway, Erway thought, it aint real life. Erway stood in the shadow that the old warehouse doorway deem against the rising sun. He hoped the bus wouldnt take much longer because although the construction sheltered him against the wind, it was cold and snowing. Today, like most other school days, he got up early so he could lift weights and play a game of basketball in the gym with his friends. It was quiet on northernmost Avenue this early in the morning. In the afternoons, sometimes it was so jazzy you could shout and no one would hear. As he waited, Erway tried to think of what he had done when he got up this morning. Only forty-five minutes had passed but it was al energetic a b lur. He remembered passing play to the bathroom, but that was close it. The hunger in his stomach reminded him that he hadnt eaten anything since last night. Ill get somethin when I get to school, Erway thought. A slight alarm swept over Erways be he fingered his coat pocket for his bus pass. The smooth credit card calmed him. He had forgotten it the day before and had to walk back bag to get it, missing the early bus. A tall shadow appeared from nigh the corner of the warehouse. It was too dark outside to distinguish faces. Erways body strain up as he prepared for a confrontation. Would he be robbed, stabbed, shot, or just beaten? Erway stood still, cocked like a pistol ready to fire to run or fight. As the man came closer Erway agnise it was the same man hed weighn yesterday. It was just some older guy going to work or something who caught the same bus. As he came closer Erway could see he was smoking a cigarette. Cigarette smoke and the smoke from loosen up breath meetin g cold air danced a desperate trip the light fantastic toe and disappeared in the darkness. Hey, the man said to Erway, looking past him. Hey, Erway replied coolly, maintaining his casual subside in the doorway. First bus come, yet? Naw, not yet, Erway exhaled heavily.

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