Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Wrinkle in Time Chapters 1-2 Questions and Answers

Chapter 1 (Q)List exclusively of Megs problems. Which wizard do you think is the most important? Why? (A) Meg has many problems such as she is too effusive. some other one of her problems is that she has much concern at school. A few examples of this would be that her teachers threaten to hold her natural covering for her poor academic grades, she is teased very often of acting worry a baby at lunch, and she fights when she or a family member of hers is insulted all this lowering her position in school. Megs family is also gossiped about.She has a dumb baby brother who is actually very intelligent yet considered insane. Her father is also speeched about. Using context clues I tummy subtract that Megs father is not home. Meg is also unpresentable, she has homely mouse brown hair and revolting braces stuck on her teeth. Another problem is the setting, Meg is in the attic at night- piece everyone is sleeping and in that respect have been several hurricane warnings. What make s the situation even worse is that there is a tramp (sometimes called hobos) out on the loose.Personally, I think that Megs most important problem is that she is too hard on herself. I feel this way because not alone is she a poor student, with enormous facial looks, and overemotional she makes herself believe that she is all these things. She even tells her cat that she is a monster. The worse she feels the worse she acts around people and the more people talk bad about her. (Q) How is Charles Wallace opposite from most 5 year olds? (A) Charles Wallace is different from most five year olds in many ways.For starters, he is dreadfully shy and doesnt talk around unfamiliar people-giving him the reputation as a dumb baby brother. His shyness is not the only reason he is considered unintelligent but his lack of language until he was 4. Charles is also different because he is very fluent in slope and talks like an adult. He also has a gifted 6th sense to be able to read his sisters and arrives minds. For example, when Meg was getting up to have some coffee he already knew and was warming some up for her. Chapter 2 (Q) What do you think happened to Megs father?What clues from the book support your sound judgment? (A) I think Megs father was working on an experiment or trying to create a medicine while something went wrong and he never came home. Using clues from the book I can also infer that he is alive and that some people argon thinking that he has left the Murray family. My evidence from the book is that Mr. Jenkins is asking if they had indicate from his father. So that assures me that Mr. Murray is alive. Mr. Jenkins also makes it clear that Mr. Murray was a scientist rising my thoughts that he may have been working on something when

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