Monday, March 25, 2019

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I am not a Martin Luther King, give to a movement, or a Christopher Columbus, devoted to a quest, or a Leonardo di Vinci, devoted to an image. Yet invariablyyone admits some devotion in his life. I am a musician, a daughter, a Christian, a traveler, a sister, a friend, an sentient being lover, a writer, and many things besides. The biggest dilemma for me is finding ways to fuse these several(predicate) parts of myself into a recognizable person. I would need several lifetimes to obey all of my dreams individually, so they must become one dream, one working(a) vessel of passion. So how can I mix my zeal for music, for example, with my need to write? They are one in the same for me, really, both office of ardent expression of sadness or anger or joy.The pose that brought about the conception of my understanding is starkly fixed in my memory. I was at a concert featuring one of Schuberts Suites for String four and my lack of familiarity with the work only served to heig hten my already bursting excitement. They were late get started and the audience around me fidgeted and chattered. I ignored them, sitting still in my seat, tense with anticipation. Finally the lights dimmed and a pregnant silence took hold. condescension my expectancy I was unprepared for the sudden eruption of applause akin a bomb detonating in the hall as the four bare figures strode onto the stage. Reminding me of Virginia Woolfs description in The String Quartet, the performers seated themselves facing the fresh squares under the downpour of light, rested the tips of their bows on the music stand, and with a synchronic movement lifted them. I leaned forward on my seat, straining to learn the first note even before it sounded. With an almost telepathic communication from the first violin, it began. From that moment I was lost. The audience, the musicians, even the music itself was forgotten, swept past by the surge of emotions that engulfed me. As I listened, or rather encountered the slap-up performance, for it was more intimate than listening, I realized with more force than ever before, that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to make people liveliness like this when I sang.

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