Thursday, March 28, 2019

Corporal Punishment Essay -- essays research papers fc

Using corporal penalty in schools is non benefiting our children. In fact, it may be hurting our children more(prenominal) than helping them, and program line them the wrong way to deal with their problems. I feel that discipline starts at home, and should non be left for the schools to handle.Corporal punishment may do more harm than good. It "has no positive effects that we know of" (Keeshan 67). It may stop the unruly behavior temporarily, but it does not treat the central causes (Keeshan 67). "Unruly behavior is a cry for help" (Keeshan 67). These children do not want to act this way, but they have no choice. We dont know why these children act unruly. Maybe its because they are hungry or physically or emotionally abused at home (Keeshan 67). This is a vindication for help and we answer these pleas with a paddling (Keeshan 67-68). No beating will run through away the hurt the child goes through at home.Corporal punishment also teaches our children that emphasis solves problems. "Children are taught, by the example of authority-wielding adults, that violence is an unobjectionable response to inappropriate behavior" ("End Legal" 14A). To me, it seems that with all of the violence involving kids today, that we would find a different way to deal with these kids unruly behavior. I feel that discipline starts at home. If parents would teach their children what is and is not appropriate, then more children would behave in school and we wouldnt have more ...

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