Friday, March 22, 2019

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DreamsFOUND An intelligent younker woman on the verge of graduating seeks an opportunity to further her education. Coming from a sm exclusively family, this passing driven and focused woman needs your help in move her dreams. She would like nothing more than to have a chance to collapse herself and her future. Going to the college of her choice poses a problem to her family however. The lofty expense of discipline may deter her aspirations of earning a degree and a potential life story as a physical therapist. With the generous help your association presents as scholarship money, she will be able to reach and excel ancient her goals. Goals are not a foreign idea to this talented young container. Since the age of four she has been actively participating in numerous amateurish and competitive soccer clubs. Together with her teammates, scoring and working towards a universal goal has been the main purpose throughout her years of play. This game of accomplishment an d physical force has taught the young woman about herself and has taught her lessons that can be learned through life. Once a shy timid girl, she has gained an cocky attitude along with the courage to conquer anything that stands in the way of her dreams because of her partaking in soccer. Ambition, respect, motivation, intuition, and the simple idea that hard work combined with cooperation can lead to big rewards has all been expressed to this young woman because of the game, and she takes this off the house into her everyday life. The definition of hard work can only be compared to the course load that she has decided to undertake her senior year. While many of her friends already have started slacking off by taking all art classes, she has not been influenced by their decisions. Enrolled in honors classes such as incline IV and Pre Calculus, doubling up on her science classes Physics and Chemistry, slice also partaking in after school activities and honor societies, it has proven to locomote this woman to the furthest point of her potential. Everyday she endures a new task and undertakes it with the utmost responsibility and precision. The effort which she puts into her everyday tasks reflects what she has learned in these early(prenominal) months from balancing a heavy school load and numerous outside activities.

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