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Explore the reasons why Othello orders the death of Desdemona Essay

Othello is a play ab come forth love, hatred, death and deception. Othello is partly betrayed by flaw in his own character. He orders the death of Cassio (his friend and ensign) and Desdemona (his wife) for a number of reasons. Chief among these are is that he is rash, violent and aggressive. He is an smouldering man who weighs whatever Iago tells him with blind faith. He is confused by Iagos tricks and does as he is told wi potassiumt thinking about its consequences. He is impulsive. He is playing like a true moore (or as what people consider him to be) in Shakespeare days.Othello has the tendency to be inhabitve whatever Iago tells him. Even before he is shown each evidence to turn out that Desdemona is cheating on him. He fountains to hate her immediately do I square off tis true. He turns a blind nitty-gritty on the fact that he has not mastern what the proof is yet. The proof could involve been so insignificant that Othello would not perpetrateed it, however in this facial expression the evidence cave in been planted to mislead Othello.Othello is impulsive. He is rash as come off for numerous reasons. He doesnt trust his wife (who he married with his happiness) or trust his friend, Iago, Who is his enemy. He believes that his wife is cheating on him and fabricates enraged very easily. Ill tear her whole to pieces. It tells us that his intentions arent very good. Rather than exhausting her he could Shake he off-key to beggarly divorcement and let her live her life.Furthermore, after Iago has completely misled him, Othello finds no other guidance other than thinking and ordering the death of Cassio. let me hear thee introduce that Cassios not alive. He acts hastily without let Cassio stand trail nor defend himself. He is sure that Desdemona and Cassio throw become disloyal to him.The audience that Othello is an angry man and rash as fire by his behaviour towards Iago. If thou dost slander her and torture me then thou hast, better been in nate(p) a dog than answer my wakd peevishness. This show that Othello cant comprehend it that his wife might be cheating on him so he is taking his anger out on others. An example of that is he takes his anger out on Iago, who he believes to be his friend.However, he is not rash as fire because he resists the urges. He shows this when he is in conversation with Iago. Ill not believe it. Here Othello is trying to imply that he doesnt believe Iago amply until he sees the evidence in the form of the handkerchief. This shows that he unbosom trust s his wife. He is saying she is as pure as a goddess and if she isnt then heaven isnt so perfect when he says if she be false then heaven mock itself.He withal proves he trusts his wife. Ill se before I doubt. He still wants evidence before doing anything. When I doubt, prove. This shows that Othello doesnt have complete faith in Iago.The audience cannot really blame Othello for beingness rash as fire as Iago keeps provoking his temper. Ia go convinces Othello of Desdemonas and Cassios guilt by using different techniques.To convince Othello, Iago plants circumstantial evidences in order to make Othello think that something is really going on amidst Cassio and Desdemona. He steals Desdemonas handkerchief and leaves it in Cassios bedroom. Such a handkerchief did I see Cassio wipe his beard with. This helps Iago prove Desdemonas infidelity as it will give Othello evidence. Trifleare to the grasping confirmation strong as proofs of holy writ.Furthermore, Iago is reticence and implies he is withholding information. He acts like he doesnt want to say anything. Should you do sospeech should fall in vile conquest. This entices Othello to say I pray thee speak to me as to thy thinking. This makes it await like Iago is trustworthy because he seems to want to protect his friend, when really he wants to get Othello to hate him. Oft my jealousy shapes faults that are not.Iago start to lie outright. However he only does this af ter he has more often than not convinced Othello. He says that he heard Cassio talking to Desdemona in his sleep. loving Desdemona let us hide our love. This is a blatant lie but Othello is fooled and believes him. He falls into Iagos trap.It works as he creates hideous images of Cassio and Desdemona. This is when Othello for the first time concludes that Desdemona is gone. His trust and faith in his marital happiness fades into the belief he has been rejected by Desdemona.A technique that works very well with Othello is when Iago implies he do its more than he does, making leading statements. He first introduces the topic by deliberately leading a question for Othello to ask rather than stating the full facts thusly playing on Othellos paranoia. Did Michael Cassio, when you wood my lady know of your love? This makes Othello wonder why he would want to know that. He later serves to make Othello think of Desdemona. Iago is clever and subtle in his tricks Othello cannot be blame d for believing him. Later, when Othello is convinced, he reinforces his honesty by saying perchance you mind might change. He does this because he knows Othello wont.another(prenominal) skill which works well is making Othello angry on purpose. Iago uses lifelike manner of speaking to make Othello picture Desdemona and Cassio in compromising situation. Wouldst thou grossily grape vine on behold her topped? This gets Othello worked up. He uses shocking and profane language such as prime as goat, hot as tinker by saying this Othello believes Iago and becomes all senseless and wrathful. Thou hadst better been born a dog than answer my wakd rath. This makes Othello irrational and witless.The audience whitethorn also consider the social and historical background to be a reason. During the time when the play was written, many events were taking place (we can see hints of this in the play).When Othello was convinced that Desdemona was cheating him, he decided he would kill her. Divorc e was not an option for him as the pope, who was at time was the well-nigh important man in Europe, would not allow Othello to divorce Desdemona without a trial. Othello didnt want to do this as he would have to prove Desdemona guilty of infidelity. Othello didnt want to do this as he still loved Desdemona with all his heart and thought Desdemona cheated him.Another point we must(prenominal) consider is that when the play was written there was a good do it of racism and mis-trust for non-Christians. Shakespeares audience may have seen moors as brutal heathens. This would explain his propensity for violence. Consequently coloured people such as Venetians were given fewer rights as they were regarded as barbarians. Such barbarians would react violently, because they were uncivilised. O blood, blood, blood Othellos Moorish heritage may also have influenced his anger at the loss of the handkerchief as he in truth believed in its magic. Tis true. There is a magic in the web of it.Oth ello having been a soldier since he was 7 and then a general, meaning he spent his life in the army and therefore he didnt know women well. He was also an outsider to the Venetian society and so it made it easier for Iago to convince Othello. In Venice they do let god see the pranks they do not show their husbands.A number of ingredients contribute to the killing of Desdemona and Cassio. One of the major reasons influencing Othellos decision is Iagos numerous lies and his way of manipulating and confusing Othello. These play a major part as, if Iago hadnt lie to Othello, he wouldnt have thought his wife betrayed him.Another factor that led to Desdemonas and Cassios killing is that the fact that in his personalized life he knew nothing about women. Iago took advantage of this and lies outright. Iagos lies wouldnt have worked if Othello had trust in him. If divorce was an option he belike would have considered it letting Desdemona live her life. Another reason that Othello was har sh was because thats what moors were considered to be.

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