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Innocent Smoothies Essay

What is mark? brand is the process involved in creating a distinctive look for a crossway or participation to create desire and trust from the customers for the harvest-feast or company. A way a company can recitation brand is by having a unique logo or motto be grammatical case its a way for the public to recognise the brand. The find of the company is several(prenominal) other method of branding, because if your company has a name that vantage points out from others it allow for juggle bulks attention, and people will be familiar with what youre talking nigh and who they atomic number 18 purchasing from. There atomic number 18 3 different types of branding ware branding, service branding and corporate branding. Product branding is a limited product for example Nike Air by Nike. Its a unique part of branding because its a sm any part of the main brand. Service Branding is a specific service by a brand for example iTunes by orchard apple tree as that is solely a m usic downloading service, while Apple is a multi product company. Corporate branding is a larger part of branding because its a brand that applies to a variety of products within unrivaled company, for example Malteasers are a part of the Mars Inc. corporate brand.Branding in Action candid Smoothies and Children In take awayThis company was founded in 1998. They started with smoothies and from there expanded into food, juice and childrens smoothies. They concentrated on a health focus of their products contained 2 of your 5 a day. sincere maintain about 78% market share. cleared smoothies use an angel with a halo with no mouth as their logo they use this as their logo to persuade customers that their products are innocent like angels and that they are equitable for you and your body. This logo is a significant part of the Innocent brand because they use a distinguishable logo no other healthful cognise brand uses a smiley without a mouth and a halo. Innocent is likewise uniquely recognisable because its merchandising is that its healthy and well-grounded for you, this health aspect is a major part of Innocents branding. Innocent add value to their products by saying how healthy they are and how good they are for you. They only use recyclable packaging when they first make their recycling efforts stood at70% they are now at one C% which is a huge achievement. The company use manages of different combinations of flavours, some you would not think of putting together. All their products are natural, no added flavours. They do their surpass to uphold their brands by making a fully grown amour out of being good for your body.Parents are more likely to acquire as there are no additives. They boost their image as more people buy the products as lots of people are health conscious now. They withal do various furtherances like a woolly hat campaign to remonstrate funds for charity. They changed the name of their product to make it more success ful, their previous name was Naked. That would bring forth dealed a completely different promotion as they want to be associated with good. These businesses need to promote themselves for people to see them and to recognise them for doing something differentiating them from competitors. Innocent smoothies promote themselves by doing unique things that other brands dont, for example they notified customers how much the bottle had been recycled and they finally had a 100% recycled bottleChildren in expect are a charity in the UK that was founded in 1980. As a charity they take a leak pass ond over 600 million and they avail to change the lives of disabled, vulnerable and materialization people of the UK. Children in Need raise money doing baking activities, work out dress events and they encourage the public to do sponsored challenges and they have a big Children in Need television show. The Children in Need brand is best cognize for Pudsey the bear and its big telethon arou nd November. Pudsey is highly recognisable in the brand because he has a unique eye patch that makes him live on out from any other mascot bear. Pudsey is also another way for Children in Need to attract children because he is a character as well as a mascot. The Children in Need brand is well known for its telethon in BBC, people recognise the telethon because its on a Friday darkness on a channel that is advert free so people are more likely to tune in. The telethon is well known for its challenges and credit mo and they also will have a combination of dickens well know shows for example eastboundenders and ITVs Coronation Street called East Street. Children in Need add value to their product by having unique merchandise the products are unique because of Pudsey as he himself is a unique mascot. They add value to the customer because they emphasise the fact that all the money they make will go to a good cause which makespeople sympathetic, and even people who are not concern ed about the children will donate because the products they provide are fashionable.Children in Needs brand personality is that they help children and therefore that theyre feel for and considerate. They are a enjoyment charity and do a lot of fundraising events and activities, which is attractive to children and parents. Their ethical image is a large benefit to their company because people will recognise that what they do will help underprivileged children, and that will increase their customer preference for donating to their charity. This will enable them to raise more money therefore they will be able to do more fundraising and provide more entertainment. Them being seen as a fun charity will help them because the public can be encourage to get involved in their work as it is enjoyable as well as helping at the same time. If the branding for Children in Need was not successful, and did not make them appear to be care and considerate, then people wouldnt donate and they wou ld boycott from donating and participating from their fundraising . If they werent a fun charity then people wouldnt be as interested in donating to their charity and they wouldnt be as well known as they are now.They need to promote themselves so they can raise awareness of their various charities, for example in Southend they help the following charities Southend Association of Voluntary Services, Southend Mencap and Southend Mind. Children in Need differentiate themselves by the way they promote their company, for example they have favorite celebrity endorsement in their adverts. They need to differentiate themselves from other charities so that they can stand out so they can get more donations. The Children in Need charity promote their service by having famous and popular comedians in their shows and they have well known children entertainers. Another way they use promotion is by the way they have the show on BBC One where there are no TV adverts, so no adverts for competitor charities. They also promote themselves by having well known top-notchmarkets selling their product and backing them, for example Asda. They also use paper promotion, for example leaflets and flyers and billboards. The around popular way they are recognised is by advertising using their mascot Pudsey.Innocent is environmentally friendly , recycle , sustainable ingredient sources, super market promo , festival , tv , indulge Children in need helping , money 4 good , super market promotion , tv , humorMarketing unify a key tool in marketing. The marketing mix is usually vital when deciding a products marketing and implicate the following Ps Pricing , Promotion, Place and Product. I will be talking about the Innocent Fruit Tubes and how the marketing mix is used in branding. Fruit tubes are a yoghurt emotional by Innocent and they are made from 100% issue and they have 2 different combination flavours Strawberry mixed with raspberry and mango and pineapple. The company are pro ud to say that this product has no dummy sweeteners or any added sugar and lumpy bits. This product has and overall evaluate of 4.5/5 and a majority of 5/5 ratings. The packaging is knowing for kids, you can tell this by the way it is very colourful and the fruit logos on each tube has a character name and an interesting fact. The size of the packaging is small and easy for customer and children to manage. The Innocent Fruit Tubes are roughly priced at around 1.99 for a bonny packet of 6 tubes.The yoghurts are priced at roughly 0.33 per yoghurt which is a reasonable cost and affordable for many people Innocent promote their fruit tubes by having promotional offers such as 12 tubes for just 3.00 and they use TV, magazine, billboards and posters to promote their Fruit Tubes. They will have a sales team who will go and pitch their product to popular supermarkets and confectionary retailers. The most well known promotional campaign they used was The Big twine which was when they a ppealed for members of the public to knit mini woolly hats for their innocent products to help raise money for the elderly and to keep people warm during the winter. Innocents Fruit tubes are on sale in multiple different places for example super market stores or online super markets and shops, cafes and sandwich bars. The product is distributed all over the UK as well as many places in atomic number 63 such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany. France and many other countries in Europe and in the Maldives .

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