Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sketchers Advertising :: Business and Management Studies

Sketchers AdvertisingAdvertising is apply to inform concourse about fruits for sale and to win people to deal them. It is a way of telling people aboutdifferent products that companies ar selling. Things atomic number 18 heraldddifferently depending on whether they are in the newspaper, on video recording, on the radio or in magazines. The purpose of reachisingis to encourage people to buy that particular product rather thanan differentwise product. at that place are different forms of have-to doe withising. These areindustry and commerce, to sell goods and services and to break-danceinformation about a certain product. Organizer of event, this is topromote events much(prenominal) as the cinema, theatre, and charity events.Political party, this is to win support on votes, to hall government.Educational establishments. Which are to advertise colleges anduniversities. There are also other forms of advertising such ascharity, media, government and private individual. There are also manypros and cons of advertising. The pros are that the advertisementsbring the prices down because it encourages competition and increasessales. It gives people information about goods and services. The consare that it persuades people to spend money on things they dontreally want or need, and they interrupt television programmes, andfill up page after page of magazines.I bring in looked at the sketchers footwear advertisement that I foundin a J-17 magazine. The Sketchers advertisement is on a plain bluebackground and takes up a whole double page spread. They have usedBritney Spears to advertise the footwear so that people are encouragedto buy them because they look at that Britney wears them and they wantto be like her. On the first half of the advert there are two picturesof Britney Spears, the Sketchers logo, the web office address and thewords Sketchers USA footwear. The website was put on the advert tomake people go onto the site and look at more of their shoes. Th eyinclude these pictures of Britney spears to make the trainers more harmonic to the audience to make people try and buy their shoes. Onthe other half of the advertisement there are two more pictures ofBritney Spears.The product is Sketchers footwear, the brand name and company isSketchers and there is no slogan. The logo is the letter S in aoval shape. The outline of the logo is white, the inside is red andthe letter S is white. The target audience is teenage girls andwomen up to the age of about thirty, possibly a bit older. The purposeof this advert is to encourage people to choose their product of

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