Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Introduction to Bussines Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to Bussines Ethics - Research Paper ExampleThis idea illustrates how this information can be presented to the CEO and managers in a meeting and the actions recommended rectifying the situation and giving the customer notification. Presenting the situation to the executive would involve first acknowledging that the situation exists and explaining the implications that such a causa may start on the nerve. For instance, if the organization left the defective product to get into the market without being checked, then they may negatively affect the clients and in extreme bailiwick even cost their lives. This is very unhonorable. In case this happens, the customers may sue the business in a court of law where the organization gets to pay enormous fines or may even be dissolved. All these are bad consequences that the organization wishing to parry in order to thrive. After explaining the implications of the problem at hand, I would proceed to give the extent of the pr oblem. yield details on which products are perceived to have potential harm on the customers, whether they have been dispatched already or are still in the stores. In order to deal with the current situation, several actions need to be implemented immediately. The first thing to check is whether there are defective products that have already reached the end users. In such a case, the organization would seek a way of reaching these customers by contacting the main distribution points in ensuring that the end users are made aware of the situation. The second step would be to stop the sale of every last(predicate) potentially defective products in the company stores and the main distribution points. These products should be taken back to the warehouse for the problem to be rectified. In order to ensure that such a situation does not occur in future, there is the need to ensure that there are useful quality control and assessment tools. on that point should alike be a strict proced ure that requires all products to be tested before being distributes to the suppliers. This will reduce the risk of selling potentially libellous products to our client. This will make it possible for the company to give out clients value for their money and ensure continue growth in the company revenues. In order to ensure that ethicality is maintained when dealing with the customer, the guiding precept should be giving the best service and products to them. This because the company needs to threat the clients as its employer without which it cannot even exist. There is also need to create a definite system that should be used in case of the repeat of such an incident in notifying the customers of such instances and a way in which they can be compensated. Compensation of the clients is important in promoting the good faith between the company and the customer. This helps in ensuring that the organization d0esn not lose its market to the rival companies. The customers need to feel that they get real value for their money. Since it has been noted that the organization does not have a definite ethical guideline, it is important o develop a dodging of developing a tradition of ethicality through organizational change. This would be an involving process which goes beyond the creation of a code of ethics to be followed by the employees. The manger first need to study the current ethical culture I the organization to recognize the limiting factors that influence in making ethical decision. It is also important to learn which factors support ethical

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