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Network User Problems

web User ProblemsTiago Garcia Mouro (13265)a)Credential, Permission and Rights ProblemsThe economic consumptionr faecal matter sacrifice this kind of problem when tries to access/alter a host, booklet or document and is non open to because they arousenot log in, or they do not name that permission. entanglement capital punishmentIf the user or LAN executive wants to use a tuner connection, it exit drastically impact the meshwork communication. This happens because today home- plinthd wireless agreements leave behind not produce more than rough 54-100 Mbps of head. And using a hub instead of a profit switch can cause major issues with speed and latency, which means low performance electronic intercommunicate.transmission control protocol/IP ConflictsThere ar many an(prenominal) reasons why this can be an issue, just the closely common happens when at least two devices are trying to use the selfsame(prenominal) IP address in the same net income.b)By the mor ning, an user that works in a connection, tries to logon into the Windows operational system using the network credentials given by the Network executive. but he guides the following error The relationship amid this device and the sector failed. The user tries to restart the culture processing system and logon again, but gets the same error.c)Network PerformanceIf you are using a corpo run network, make sure that you are not streaming or downloading music, video or whatever else age working. By doing that, you will be impacting the network performance and homogeneous it will make IP phone calls and file sharing, per example, really slow. The Network administrator has to regulate a way to lock down this kind of problems, like blocking music/video streaming and files downloads.TCP/IP ConflictsWhen the Network Administrator faces problems like IP conflicts into the network, the easiest way to fix it would be evacuant and renewing the device IP and try to use it again.d) noes is base form send for of the companyTGM IncClients NameIlson NevesDate and date01/12/2015 250 PMProblem DetailUsers are kv etc. ab extinct devices IP conflicts every day during the usual work. touching Tiago Garcia MouroDate01122015Name of the technicianTiago Garcia MouroDate and Time02/12/2015 930 AM all overhaul Hours2 hoursProposed Solution write and renew the IP address in every device and then, reckon the router in order to adjust the number of available IPs.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate02122015ResourceN/ACostsNZD 200,00 appendage staff officeI accessed the CMD in every computer and enter the commands ipconfig / empty and ipconfig /renew. Then, I canvas that the internet connection was working properly in every single device. Then, I checked that the meter of devices accessing the network was littler than the amount of IPs available.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate03122016Company tie-in point50, Queen St educationPhone05 shoot downse rver problemsa)File Sharing angiotensin-converting enzyme of the most common problems related to fileservers is file sharing. When users try to access the folder/document in the server, they can get errors like Not current access or The file is being used.Data embossmentAn principal(prenominal) action related to fileservers is the backup. The most of companies sustain files that need to be accessed many times per day and by dissimilar users, no matter what.b)A company user created a shared folder on the network to allow separate de circumstancesment users read and edit documents. afterward adding these documents, other users tried to open the documents, but they got the following error Windows cannot access the document. You do not have the permission to access the document. Contact your Network Administrator to request access. The users restarted the PCs and tried to access the documents again, but still got the same error.c)File SharingIf the users cannot access shared fold ers or alter shared folders, the Network Administrator has to check the reason. The first step is checking if the folder/file proprietor has shared it. Otherwise, only him will be able to access it. If it have been done, the next step is checking if the file is being used by almost other user. After that, the folders/files have to be available for the allowed users in the network.Data BackupIf the server crashes or the file is deleted by mistake, the Network Administrator has to get the last backup version as soon as assertable, no matter what.d)Knowledge base formName of the companyMG EnterpriseClients NameCarlos SilvaDate and time01/09/2016 430 PMProblem DetailUsers are plain that they cannot access or alter any folders or files into the fileserver.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate01092016Name of the technicianTiago Garcia MouroDate and Time02/09/2016 730 AMService Hours3 hoursProposed SolutionCheck the fileserver configuration, the folders/files sharing status and the list of allowed users.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate02092016ResourceN/ACostsNZD 300,00 role PersonnelFirst, I tried to access the folder and files into the fileserver using the users PC. I got the same permission error in every single PC. Then, I went to the selective information center and checked that the fileserver IP was configured properly. Then, I checked that the folders and files sharing option were OK. And the last step was include all the want users to the sharing list. After that, I tested all the PCs and all of them were able to access the folders and files.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate03092016Company contactAddress5, Welesley St cultivationPhone07 Performance issuesa)WirelessApart of wired connection, the wireless connection can subject your connection to variable conditions. Because of that, the data delays can bring the transfer performance down.Memory ( throng)The data transfer over the network does not need much system reposi tion usage, but can affect the performance of other OS components. If the system memory is too low, the system has to access the HD more often, and the writing/reading disc performance will be low as well.b)Every hebdomad a company leaders need to make a videoconference with other branch for a brainstorm. Both branches use Skype for it, but they are having some problems related to the network. The connection is very slow and the call crashes, even if the computer is connected to the internet using the wire.c)Memory (RAM)In order to cast up the network data transfer, the user can add more RAM memory to the laptop/PC, making the writing/reading disk hurrying and avoiding the HD access.WirelessIf the user wants to increase the wireless connection performance, the take up ways would be getting closer to the Access Point to get a high quality connection or buying a smash Access Point, if possible to support more users at the same time.d)Knowledge base formName of the companyGT Lt dClients NameBruno SouzaDate and time01/02/2017 850 AMProblem DetailThe users are complaining that the wireless connection is too slow and sometimes crashes.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate01022017Name of the technicianTiago Garcia MouroDate and Time02/02/2017 430 PMService Hours5 hoursProposed SolutionCheck the distance between the Access Point and users and if it supports the amount of users at the same time.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate02022017ResourceN/ACostsNZD 500,00Procedure PersonnelUsing different users laptops, I could see that some users had wireless portend was too poor. To those users who got good signal, I checked the internet access speed. It was super slow and crashing several times. Checking the amount of users and APs, I told the IT manager that the problem was that the company needs more APs to spread the signal and to support the amount of users. After installing and configuring some new APs, all the users have fast wireless connection.Signature Tiago Garcia MouroDate03022017Company contactAddress10, Quay StInformationPhone09 Identify and list any 5 network observe toolsNagiosOne of the best known free tool. The most important part of the tool is the core and it allows you to build plugins to monitor particular elements. It has a big use.ZenossThis packet was created to monitor server, storage, applications, networks and virtual servers.MonitisFocused on small or medium-sized companies, this application can arise as a great network tool.Pandora FMSIts capable of monitoring over 10,000 nodes and monitors servers, networks and applications. It has many alerts, reports and third party integrations, etc. Its network autodiscovery system can find all the network elements in a short time.ZabbixIts known for being easy to configure and for having a very powerful GUI. It has agentless monitoring service can monitor up to 10,000 nodes without performance issues.2.2 Install network monitoring toolsharmonize to the figure below, during an middling websites usage at 3PM, the total traffic size was 4.24MB, the transfer rate was 136.942Kbps and the packets amount was 9,384 (474.000 bytes)(Figure 01 Capsa Free software Summary tab)(Figure 02 Capsa Free software splasher tab)After few minutes, a new Youtube tab was opened at 303 PM and then the total traffic size was 35.15MB, the transfer rate was 531.204Kbps and the packets amount was 50,292 (732.000bytes), according to the figure below(Figure 03 Capsa Free software Summary tab)(Figure 04 Capsa Free software Dashboard tab)2.3 Analyse the bandwidth informationAccording to the figures above, the usage of network didnt reach its limits. The maximum usage that it reached during the tests was 0.053% of the bandwidth.2.4 Explain different techniques for LAN performanceWatch everythingUsers often complain about the network performance, but the most of times, the network has nothing to do with it. One of the best techniques to improve the LAN performance is monitor everything, from network latency and throughput, to mainframe computer and RAM utilization. Monitoring the switches and routers, the network error rates and configuring some logfiles alerts will make the network faster.Know your appsThe network is always being consumed by the applications. Even being hard to see exactly what is going on, is possible observing their effects on the infrastructure. The best way to keep your network performance is testing the software in a testing milieu before purchasing/installing it in the infrastructure and check the amount of resources is being used.3.1 Identify and explain security exposures and violations reason EmployeesAttacks coming from wrong the network are one of the biggest threats to a corporate network. Former employees, especially from IT department, that have the networks, admin accounts and data centers access can spread/sell this information or even hack the company.Careless EmployeesAn employee that forget s files or the cellphone/laptop inside a taxi cab or on a restaurant table could allow a malicious person to use this information or sell it to competitor companies.3.2 Determine the possible solutions for the CVEFormer EmployeesIn order to avoid this kind of danger, when an employee is about to be dismissed, the Information Security Analyst or the Network Administrator has to fill out a form describing all the access rights to be revoked(systems, servers, data centers, etc) and strike to an analyst do it.Careless EmployeesInformation stealing is one of the most dangerous ways to get corporate information leaked. To avoid it, employees must look after classified documents, cellphones, laptops, etc and keep it safe. Electronic devices must have passwords, per example.4.1 The sender in a LAN sends 10110110 a hacker alters the data and the receiver receives 10100110. As a network expert analysis to find out the position of error bit4.2 Analysis a 10 bit sequence 1010011110 and a d ivisor of 1011Viper Plagiarism Scanner answer forData Expedition, I. (s.d.). Data Expedition, Inc. Fonte Data Expedition Inc http//, T. (s.d.). Tim Kosse. Fonte https// https//, M. (1 de June de 2010). IDG Communications, Inc. Fonte InfoWorld http// member/2627174/network-monitoring/10-tips-for-boosting-network-performance.htmlSchiff, J. L. (20 de January de 2015). IDG Communications, Inc. Fonte CIO http//, R. J. (3 de November de 2009). TechGenix Ltd. Fonte http// (2 de January de 2017). Pandora FMS Team. Fonte Pandora FMS https//

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