Sunday, May 12, 2019

Technology is making communication easier in today's world, but at the Essay - 1

Technology is making communication easier in todays world, but at the expense of personal contact as m any people choose to interact from home in front of a computer screen - Essay ExampleThe first decade of the twentieth century has, however, bought significant changes in the society having made the world a very small place to fail in. McLuhans claim narrated that the technological advancements had created a global tribal echo-land of media resonance where people from all allwhere the world could listen to each others conversations whenever desired.This communication has become an inevitable part of every human beings everyday routines in the present times. In order to keep up with the rapid changes that are taking place in the world it has become essential that the news big sources should regularly be looked up to. And what else could be better than staying logged in to online news giving sites and social and job networking sites at regular intervals. This is a very important benefit of technology. All the current updates just virtually anything and everything are just a click of the mouse away. At least one of the communication devices in a household is definitely logged on to the internet round the clock.However, this habit of staying connected to the internet has its disadvantages as well. It is often said that technology behaves like a double edged sword (Kurzweil, 2008) . Where the pros of the attractive and favorable to use communications advancements have shaped the society towards betterment the cons of the said changes are often disputable and alarming.The most dangerous phenomenon of present times is social networking websites. These sites are very attractive to human nature. Elders and youngsters both like to stay logged in to their profiles identities on these websites round the clock just because they are anxious astir(predicate) status updates from their friends or are looking up the next comment update on any issue that is being comme nted upon in the discussion board. These and other

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