Friday, May 3, 2019

What are some ways in which Facebook can be used by b2c marketers Essay

What argon some ways in which Facebook drop be used by b2c venders - Essay ExampleB2B marketers can also utilize Facebook pages to send the word out to consumers about the organization or products. Great companies guide been using Facebook to advertise their products and services. Some of these companies include entertainment companies such as music sellers, movie studios and booksellers (Dunay, and Richard 15).Facebook is the trounce place for B2C marketers as such they should have their presences there. Marketers can easily interact with the consumers and have more than development about the consumer. Facebook gives B2C marketers a good brand-building environment. B2C marketers can use Facebook as a channel for marketing their products. The marketer has to build the fan base. Increasing the number of fans on Facebook can be do by providing them with irresistible contents such as videos. Growing the number of fans on Facebook page can be done by using a method that requires a person to like the page before accessing the content. The more the number of fans on Facebook page the more it is easy for a B2C marketer to improve awareness of products or organization (Dunay and Richard

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