Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Corrections Module 6 Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Corrections Module 6 Writing - Essay ExampleThe fourteenth amendment has a statute of incorporation which enforces that all details contained in the bill of rights must be followed by all the bring ups. Moreover, prisoners are provided with equal protection irrespective of the state jurisdictions. Alongside this, there is a clause to ensure the federal government respects and honors all citizens legal rights as contained in the bill of rights.The Civil Rights be of 1871 impacts fairness and equity in lawsuits irrespective of whether one person involved is a minor or a servant of the other. This was meant to protect those who were enslaved from cruel manipulation that led to deprivation of human and accomplished rights, immunities and privileges offered to individuals. This was to be followed irrespective of the race, tribe or religion. Especially the freed slaves were allowed equal and free access to courts of law to claim their rights against civil rights offences inflicted on t hem. They would file lawsuits like any other person.The hands off doctrine deduced that prison administration should operate on its own without interference or control by outside forces such as the courts and prisoners are further considered as slaves of the state . Once the prisoner is under prison administration, the court has no power over him again unless the eighth amendment is violated. The doctrine of intervention claims for the freedom of religion, need for privacy, safety and communication without forgetting the right to or for due process. Finally the titular doctrines circulates in between the intervention and hands off doctrines, as far as the court jurisdiction had presided since the eightys.In matters regarding prisoners access to courts, they are allowed estimable access to the since without it they cannot air their grievances which means no lawsuits. Moreover prisoners did not have adequate knowledge on legal affairs thereby their lawsuits did not refuse a chance. The courts ruled to assist them by

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