Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How to encourage employees accepting the change? Essay

Change can be a good thing for both the company and its employees; however, sometimes it can be very difficult for the employees to accept the sudden change in their daily routine for many different reasons. As a supervisor, my job is to reduce that resistance by choosing the right way introducing the change; explaining why it is necessary to take such a move, and how can it beneficial. Make them understand the reasons for this change and get them involved into discussions; let them share their ideas, ask for suggestions, what is that their looking for in their workplace, encourage innovation, and excite them about the new routine. Most of the employees are more likely resisting change because of the fear of the unknown; increased workload for example, or different new staff to work with, so basically they don’t want to start all over from zero. Due to that fact, MLC has thought of new ideas to reduce its employees’ stress over the increased work. Consequently, it has signed a contract with 10 different international restaurants to visit the new branch in Isa town every week; therefore, employees will enjoy the variety of food offered weekly. Also, it can be a great way for the old employees to break the ice and bond their relationship with the new employees’ during their lunch break in the company. Moreover, moving from Manama to Isa town can cause some employees’ further way to travel. Hence, MLC has provided its employees’ an advanced parking area, which uses the system of an automatic car parking. Therefore, employees’ won’t waste time and effort looking for a car park. Additional to that, MLC now owns private, modern, new busses offering its employees free bus transportations, especially for those who don’t own a private car, take taxies to work, or any other employee who would take advantage of this new facility. So, bus drivers will be clued-up with a list of names of registered employees with their contact number and home addresses to pick them up from their home to work.

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