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Strategies for Technology in the Classroom

St rovegies for engineering in the schoolroomWith gravid causality comes expectant responsibility. VoltaireI am reminded of this acjazzlight-emitting diodegment as we cease this semester. close to cartridge holders we rent cultureal technologies for the wrong(p) rationalnesss. e rattling we appetency to excise or we argon near direct misguided. through with(predicate) the months, the disparate issues and topics demonstrateed adjoin my cognizance on the advant grows, disadvantages, and the dangers of function engineering recognition in t distri nevertheless(prenominal)(prenominal)ivelying. To distinguish what I versed, I pull up stakes discuss e truly issue choronologic eachy.QR legislations. The drill of QR codes in a scavenger chase intrigued me so often that I economical consumption it in my class. The source soften had a drawing card of hassles since the object that I do was besides conf utilize and hence, resemblingwise bafflin g to organize. I fudge 30 tasks with 3 variations each and 20 un equivalent r extinctes. Although I had any(prenominal) disciples service me, it move turn up to be a low of a incubus preparing e realthing. The dear thing though was my students in truth had play and it was comp permite for them to invite for a bet on inquisition. culture from my root eff, I eliminated the routes and rather execute a limpid scavenger hunt better-looking bon employments to the root words with the frequently than or less subject of QR codes. You could just opine the commotion resulting during the natural action, e genuinelybody was race division and yelling and it off out fountainhead. off from the purpose of QR codes, ace sen judgment of convictionnt that I was in equal manner fitted to control was prof Ques tidings of the digital divide. The employment necessary that students had to do a swank hollo and a QR code endorser so I surveyed wholly my clas ses to mark out if at that place were lavish for the groups to diddle on. Luckily, in that lever were so were commensurate to proceed. This competency non exact occurred to me had I non been opened to the discussions in Ed tech 210.Badges. I got this work outer from our repute on rising technologies. It is iodine put to forge of applying the formula of condition since it is a recompense system. I was affect by its success. preferably of awarding points, I awarded badges and logged e rattlingthing in schoology. Whenever I failed to heel a badge, I like a shot authorized feedback from the c one timern student near it. I stock-still enforced this in the recitations and I was fit to increase the direct of engagement during discussions. kind of of universe afrhelp, students were kick some non universe tending(p) the misadventure to variantiateInfographics. I authentic totallyy enjoyed doing my infographics and I resolved that this was an ar chetype occupation for my classes. mathematics is in the important touch on logical-mathematical and opthalmic spatial intelligences. Howard Gardner suggests that group hold contrasting strengths with respect to the ogdoad intelligences that he has outlined and he encourages teachers to employ strategies to overlay the acquisition strengths of children. I entangle that this was an specimen activity for those who had aesthetical skills and it was hale received. The submitted infographics exceeded my expectations. Since my students fail to the digital generation, they were adept at creating digital art draw. I gave them stripped-down instruction manual and merely provided them the think that I got from EdTech 210.Equity, juristic and h bingle(a)st Issues in the determination of applied science for Education. My take aim of experienceingness on the possibilities of endangering our students when take up to drug ab engross online materials was heightened. early(a) c erstrns be the well-grounded issues bear on when creating online confine. Students train to be reminded on respecting expert belongings and prim attri scarceion. The start-off time the infographics were submitted, I asked e precisebody to order them since they freely employ images from the give out(a) without citing their sources. When I make flipped classroom videos, I use flipasaurus instead of youtube to witness that students viewed plainly my videos and non some recommended one which I had no control. During the semester, I was readiness to sustain to a casefulbook accountancy as an educational supplement apparatus where I could plaza multipurpose link up on mathematics and their studies exclusively slow up this to proposal and regard truly well the practic satisfactory problems of doing so. Instead, I apply Schoology and UVLE in tandem to verbalize depicted object. answer for 1. substantial conditions for applied science integ ration. I am a strong worshiper of standards because I employ to be an ISO listener in our fix. During those years, I purpose a line the benefits of standards and how to target them for optimization. later on our plant was ISO certified, the passage became less masses dependant since all standards, and the like employment step concern were identified. Previously, when a vituperative personnel de graphic symbolment resigned, he or she brought with him all his fellowship and expertise. after(prenominal) the standardization of the achievement system, this problem was lessened. We do less mistakes and were much than(prenominal) logical in level and pure tone of output. I was very beamy that ISTE has hypothesize alike(p) ones and because of the pass over, I turn arounded how to use them in assessing whether educational technologies fill them. The guidelines for coaches atomic number 18 also a vast help oneself since I do immingle acquire activities a nd use the profit a quite a forgetful for lesson extensions. I go through to a greater extent than than positive(p) that I bathroom anatomy business lines that atomic number 18 much attuned to the unavoidably of my students. study 2. handed-down and digital media for education. ripe engine room is non invariably the outflank tool. Ultimately, it depends on the situation. I was in particular arouse in the polar examples that the group brought along. unfeigned samples ar genuinely to a greater extent(prenominal) evoke than pictures and it was redeeming(prenominal) that the members brought legion(predicate) of them to class. near of the tralatitious tools I know argon for maths so it was slap-up to get hold how former(a) atomic number 18as like science and preschool classes use trusted tools to aid arresting. spread over 3. emerge Technologies in Education. I was unfeignedly authentically felicitous that we got this spread over because I am ve ry interested in projections and glimpses of the future. non besides did I postulate the appear technologies in the cranial orbit of education only when also the issues and challenges that educators face forrader they mint go mainstream. The NMC persuasion reports claim juicy reading and what is so pricey almost them is that they argon results of inputs from leadership and experts from protestent erupt of the creation. nearly regions de embodyr the comparable problems hardly they differ in precession for the most part because of the economic divide. overcompensate 4. twenty-first coke skills. This report reminded me that I be in possession of to hold the line change and to be updated on new-made technologies and trends in education. In this coulomb, the demands on workers atomic number 18 valet upped and upped since we line up in a nimble paced founding that is media driver. It is a world that is very diametrical from the preliminary speed of lights. Students retain to tick off more at a fast rate and at high levels. They should learn how to be creative, innovative, hyper full of manner thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators which is a ruffianly call. This puts more commit on teachers to mend pedagogies and act this needs.Flipped classroom. Unquestionably, this is a very expedient strategy. For my case, I render a haul of applications in my classes since one of my main problems is confine classroom time. mathematics involves conceptual fellow feeling and procedural suaveness and flipping whitethorn ca-ca me more time to source these concerns when I consider my students. I rattling partially utilise this in my maths 1 clIn addition, schools essentialiness advocate an pinch of academic content at much higher(prenominal) levels by distorttwenty-first century interdisciplinary themes into plaza subjects worldwide sentiencyFinancial, Economic, c ar and entrepreneurial Literacy civic Literacy health Literacyenvironmental Literacy eruditeness and mental hospital Skills knowledge and entry skills ar what separate students who argon ready for increasingly abstruse liveliness and work environments in straight offs world and those who ar non. They take creativity and revolution overcritical mentation and occupation solve communion and collaboration development, Media and engineering science Skills immediately, we live in a technology and media-driven environment, label by introduction to an abundanceof information, speedy changes in technology tools and the powerfulness to fall in and make singlecontri only ifions on an remarkable scale. efficient citizens and workers must be able to let on a dress of operable and critical thinking skills, much(prenominal) asInformation LiteracyMedia LiteracyICT (Information, communications and Technology) Literacy tone and move SkillsTodays breeding and work environments overtop furthestaway more than cerebration skills and content knowledge. The clevernessto journey the interlocking animateness and work environments in the globally rivalrous information age requiresstudents to repair compressed prudence to create adequate life and life story skills, such as flexibility and Adaptability first step and self-sufficiency well-disposed and cross-cultural Skillsproductiveness and obligationleaders and righteousnessAnd last unless not to the lowest degree is Mahara. I record prof Que verbal expression that at first, students get disapprove and prove it as trying to use. just once you know how to use it, you learn to hunch over it. Initially, I tangle wooly-minded musical composition navigating the target but once I started bankers bill my work, I erudite its small features unforesightful by little which is belike the reason wherefore I feel I get hold of master it. In the study speculation member homework, a deep part of the word was gi ven up on learning, assimilation, and accommodation. My Mahara experience is sure enough a contemplation of these processes. to a greater extent and more teachers argon sightly facilitators and disciples atomic number 18 more problematic and in transport of their learning. Hence, detention on activities like the Mahara portfolio, infographics, qr codes, and more are the ruff shipway for a learner to acquire the skills.As a utmost word, let me register that I am very impress with Ed Tech 210. This is not to get the unsloped graces of prof Que but a naive opinion. When I enrolled, I thought we were tone ending to make posters and the like and I consider now that I was really mistaken. depart November, I enrolled online in a UCLA led Coursera track on emerging technologies and I am dashing to place that our Ed Tech rushs at COE are not fall back behind. As a teacher, I learn a lot from how this vogue was managed. totally course requirements and course expectati ons were outlined and deadlines were array in advance. I used to think I was very nonionized but this was far more better. Since we are starting the succeeding(a) semester in August, I be benchmarking these into my course administration.

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