Monday, July 29, 2019

The communication between men and women ( how they communicate ) Essay

The communication between men and women ( how they communicate ) - Essay Example of men and women can be classified into three broad categories that are body language, content of conversation and style of getting the message across. The general inbuilt sedate nature of men leads them to be a bit reserved about their facial expressions and maintain an open appearance with their arms and legs spread out from their body while talking. Women on the other hand are more facially expressive and try to keep their arms and legs close to their bodies while they are in a conversation. (McManus, 1999). The lack of eye contact on account of men is often considered rude by the women. This often leads to resistance between them. Women also emphasize on maintaining high pitch and low resonance while men prefer exactly otherwise. Men also try to speak assertively and try to interrupt others while talking. Women keep a considerate tone and allow others to interrupt them. Men have a common complain that women do not get down to business quickly and spend a lot of time in niceties. Men prefer to the point discussions that are direct and also blunt in some cases. This is identified as a complaint by the women who say that men do not care about the feeling of others and are only concerned about their content. When it comes to apologies, men feel being relegated to a subordinate position so they are a bit reluctant. Women primarily think of an apology as a means to keeping the relationship alive which is an entirely different perspective (Tanen, 1990). The innate tendency of competitiveness in men causes them to lose aesthetics of conversation by failing to complement and tending to volunteer evaluations instead. When it comes to problem solving, males are more dependent on facts and figures while women try to focus on shared experiences and feelings. Men in most cases fail to appreciate aesthetics because they want to carry their robust outlook with their personality. This creates a conflict between men and women in conversations as women feel that they are being

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