Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Role of a Nurse and Best Practice Preventing Pressure Ulcer In an Essay

The Role of a Nurse and Best Practice Preventing Pressure Ulcer In an Acute Medical Receiving Environment - Essay Example This report stresses that nurses are required to act at the best of their interests in order to save the lives of people. However, the poor working conditions in many hospitals nowadays and healthcare policies impact the performance level of nurses. For instance, the healthcare policy reform is seen as a hindrance to the effective healthcare delivery services by registered nurses. Nurses offer real life issues especially on the needs of patients in order to reduce mortality and morbidity issues. The healthcare policy can create issues especially where patients are required to pay and where those who are insured are not supposed to pay. This is one of the issues that had been noticed with the healthcare insurance; thus creating conflicting issue between insured patients and the caregivers. The healthcare costs and other aspects are all issues of political agendas; thus, they tend to impact the role played by nurses in the hospital settings. This essay makes a conlcusion that nurses are aware that the current healthcare system has varied problems; thus, a need for creating changes in acute medical receiving environment. Abood argues that the current healthcare environment face varied problems because of numerous healthcare policies, laws and regulations imposed upon the healthcare sector by the government agencies. These create challenges to both nurses and patients who are always stuck amidst of cost constraints and access to effective quality care

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