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Argument2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Argument2 - Essay Example J. Lowther. The three characters are used to reveal major issues in the society and the impact of environment in changing believes of the people and character. Berry is a brought up in a staunch Jehovah Witness set-up, which makes him appear as captive in the movie with the hostage situation helping to define a new world. The world developed by Butch is different from the beliefs of Berry which includes the existence of freedom of choice and ability to party and enjoy celebrations. Such celebrations include Christmas and Halloween which Berry did not know. The life of the hostage and Butch leads to better understanding of the movie by encouraging the display of the family background of the Butch. In addition, the event that led to the arrest and conviction of Butch is brought in to light in his behavior towards the hostage Berry (Costner). The initial thought of hostage involved abuse, but latter Butch and Berry develop a father and son relationship, which is exhibited in the protect ion offered by Butch. He protects Berry against molesting by his escapee partner and exhibits the power of choice and change in behavior. However, the life of Butch ends in a tragedy. The character of Butch The prison break by the two convict lead to the creation of a negative notions about the two convicts. However, the character of Butch is later depicted in the relationship between him and the hostage which leads to the creation of a loving character of Butch. From the movie, it can be argued that Butch was not a bad person as depicted in the start of the movie when they escape from the penitentiary. The protection of Berry from the molesting and attack from Pugh illustrates virtue in the life of Butch. Butch states that the abuse from his father was the major cause of the murder he committed in the past. In order to protect against abuse, Butch murdered his father and the crime led to his imprisonment. However, the desire to protect young children against having the similar expe riences is depicted in the protection given by Butch to Berry. Despite giving Berry the freedom of choice and participation in various activities, Butch takes care of him and protects him exceptionally. Despite the ability to show reform, society is not ready to accept a convict back into the society leading to a tragic end of Butch’s life and illustrates the power of perception on the society. After sharing his life experience with the black farmer and witnessing how the black farmer mistreats his son, Butch becomes annoyed that the black farmer does not protect and treat his son fairly. The reaction of Butch indicates the need to take care of the children. It depicts that the failure to protect children or treating of children negatively will lead to the development of negative behaviors. These behaviors lead to the incrimination and jailing of the children in later life. The arrest and conviction of Butch is an example on the power of upbringing of character development. T he cognitive development of a child is based on the ability to relate well with the parents and society. The development of the necessary character depends on the upbringing and the development of social attachments with the parent. From the research conducted, several findings have been received, which include the evaluation of the parent’s welfare and emotional health. The effect of the parent’

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