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Cary Grant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Cary Grant - Essay Example He worked tirelessly and with great determination in ensuring that, the US authorities adopted fair economic and social integration practices. Cary Grant who was a comedian of the 30s was a renowned English actor and film producer. He exhibited great knowledge of acting and film production that facilitated his career. He had a great profession that was characterized with excellent activities and negotiation practices. The negotiations were set to aid the realization of favorable economic performance and social integration in US. This was critical since monetary and social integration are fundamental elements that drive success in various societal setting. Consequently, Cary Grant is under consideration as one of the classic Hollywood star and a leading actor. He used his leadership capacity and skills to influence decision making on policies with an aim of empowering individuals. He is credited for producing educative and informative comedy plays that held immense relevance in facili tating social and economic integration. His strong persona enabled him to provide transformative information that is socially relevant and culturally acceptable. The information he conveyed through comedy work helped in transforming US into a modern state where individual’s rights were respected. His best films that hold immense relevance in transforming individuals’ character setting include the awful truth, bringing up baby, and catch a thief. The comedy films had social and financial information in their content. This was to, assist in passing critical information to help in the development of an amicable solution to the evident absurdities that the people of US were facing. Evidently, his works were instrumental especially when the US was facing economic depression during the screwball period. The period exposed the nation to high unemployment rate and homelessness. This paper gives an essay on the politics of Cary grant, how his persona was established, screen per sona and great comic films. What is so funny Cary Grant Cary Grant had unique speaking skills that explain his undisputable eloquent and fun as evident in his works. His eloquent capacity had great contribution in the establishment of his persona as a star by the end of 30s. He had strong elements of elegance, charm, humor and resourcefulness. These elements made him a great and influential actor that is comparable to a politician (Britton, 1986, P, 36). This enabled him to gain the political persona despite being an actor and playmaker. Consequently, the eloquence, openness and charming nature facilitated fun in his works that are highly comical. How grant persona was developed As noted Cary Grant was, an actor with a strong strength of character who made a huge contribution in providing solutions to the screwball complications that threatened to paralyze economic and social performance in the US. The development of the actor’s strong strength of character was evident from h is childhood. He acted responsibly and with determination to ensure that, his ideological mission was under fulfillment (Britton & Grant, 2008, P, 9). The actor provided viable ideological tenets that facilitated liberation in the nation and creation of a unified industry. His noble actions led to the improved social integration and understanding. Cary realized his national mission as he participated as an actor in Hollywood. He identified his influential capacity and the ability to unite people through acting. Ideally, he capitalized on his charming nature, tolerance, elegance, sense of humor and resourcefulness. The elements enabled him to relay essential information that had immense contribution in advancing unity and economic integration. According to Britton & Grant (2008), various stakeholders had

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