Monday, September 2, 2019

Essay --

1. Security is paramount when dealing with a company network and the services that access the network. The services that will use the company network server are data storage, internal applications, and many desktop computers. When securing networks you must take into account, any exposure of an access, insecure protocols, any open ports, and any type of broadcasts that may show a weakness to the network. Many types of prevention are available. A user access must be setup; this allows the company users permission to utilize the network. The advantage of this, it limits the access to files, applications, and nodes that an individual does not have permission to access. You will want to setup filtering and port blocking on your network components that you will be using such as, routers, firewalls, switches, and virus protectors. Make sure you install the latest patches and updates. Any idle services must be disabled and secured for prevention. 2. The Atbash Cipher was the one I chose to use. A Jewish rebel sect most likely created this cipher; the name of the sect is Essenes. They used this cipher to protect significant people from the act of following a different religion. My initial message as follows: Hello Professor, I am using the Atbash Cipher for my message. Originally, the code was the Hebrew alphabet, but later changed to operate with the English alphabet. Virtually it takes the letters and orientates them to another letter, such as the "A" is a "Z"; the "B" is a "Y". The text that was encoded and decoded was as follows: Svool Kiluvhhli, R zn fhrmt gsv Zgyzhs Xrksvi uli nb nvhhztv. Lirtrmzoob, gsv xlwv dzh gsv Svyivd zokszyvg, yfg ozgvi xszmtvw gl lkvizgv drgs gsv Vmtorhs zokszyvg. Erigfzoob rg gzpvh gsv ovggvih zmw lirvmgz... as not to allow access from the outside. More things that utilize the network is various types of hardware, for example network adapters, hubs, switches, routers, access points, modems, and cables. I have to make sure that all of these devices remain secure at all times. Another of the options that I have to be concerned with is would I like to setup a peer-to-peer network or a client-server network for my home. One of the inadequacy I have in using is securing my laptop in the home, I the laptop sitting on my desk for use. If I was to put it in a laptop case when it is not is use, it would be one solution. Secondly, if I secure the laptop to the desk with a cable and lock for added security it would take a little time in trying to steal it. Thirdly, I could remove the laptop from sight and put in a secure location that only my family and I know it is secure.

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