Thursday, September 12, 2019

Principles of learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Principles of learning - Essay Example Before one successfully complete the course, he is given practical teaching lesson where he is supervised as he teaches a class at least four times. At the end of each practical teaching assessment is done, the student teacher is given feedback and areas that he needs to be improved are highlighted. One is allowed to go ahead and complete stage 3 at the institute of education after completing the stage 2. While studying stage 2 however, assessment is continuously done throughout the course to ensure that the students' performance is monitored. While studying principles of education, a teacher is able to understand his students and for this case, he is able to teach them in the best way possible to enhance their understanding. The teacher is also able to understand his students' abilities, potential and learning need for the sake of achieving their objectives of transferring knowledge to them. At the end of the course, the teacher should be in a position to apply various methods and techniques for learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation. For this case, the teacher will be in a better position to use his/her skill in his teaching profession for the sake of achieving the already laid down teaching objectives. ... s case, he is able to ensure that all the content that is required to be cover in a particular period of time is covered and the learning objectives are achieved at the end of a term or a course. The teacher is also able to apply his own innovative ways of teaching by use of information technology in order to facilitate him to achieve his teaching goals and objectives. He is able to brainstorm against various teaching methods that can be used in class in order to achieve his objective. These can be done by collecting various teaching techniques that he can use for teaching and this in turn help him to land on the best technique to use in the class. This ensures that his teaching objectives are achieved at the end of the course. After a teacher undergoes the stage 2 principle of learning, he is able to know his potential for the sake of developing it and eventually be able to achieve his teaching objectives. He reflects on his own experience and this enable him/her to be able to achieve his teaching objectives. Still at the end of the course, the teacher develops his own interpersonal and communication skills. This is achieved as a result of the teaching practical sessions that are compulsory for them to undergo before they complete the course. Due to this, the teachers are in a position of handling their duties in professional way with a lot of confidence. 2 During the course, the teacher are made aware of their professional roles as teachers and this enable them to handle students in the recommended ways according to the laid down rules and regulations. The teachers are taught on how to handle students so that they achieve their teaching objectives. They are taught on how they are able to prepare for their lessons in a professional ways so that when they are in

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