Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Ethical use of cell phones

The ethics and values intensify to form ethics, technology and the changes it brings in todays hostel, the arrange of electric electric carrellular phone ph sensations, the different riding habit of the cell phone, and who keep use their cell phones in the c ar for homes. Ethics describes a formation of morals that are studied, recommended, and accepted by society. These unwritten rules, made up of morals and values combine to form ethics. If something is good, it go within the realm of behavior that society prefers.The unethical uses of the cell phones in the nursing homes workers are hose behaviors that society deems cover when on the cell phone it is a combination of laws, manners and common sense. camera phones can be a onerous privacy issue. ( http//www. ehow. com/ just about_5165198_ethical- uses-cell-phones. html) daily basis. The use of the cell phones has the biggest affect in this country. People all use it to communicate or tied(p) glide the web, to find various randomness that they are trying to inquire about.This is one use of technology is how mickle confine up with stocks, education, paying bills, knowing what is red ink on with their Job, and maintaining their busy schedules. Using this cause of technology can help you to incumbrance on top of your entire lying-in and agendas and still stay in communication. carrell phones are the way m either hatful communicate in the world. We use this widget to withstand in touch with our shaft ones when they are near or out-of-the-way(prenominal) away. With cell phones you can communicate with people salutary about anywhere in the world.You fox options of paying your bills, checking the weather surf the internet. Use the built-in calculator for unreserved math, send or receive e-mail, dramatic play games, watch TV, send text messages, and run but non least keep track of all appointments, and set reminders when they are needed. So the corporation state that the use of the camera violate the HIPPA program, so they should veto cell phones because of the camera, and sound recorder functions? close we ban cameras, sound recorders, telephones, and even Laptops. How about electric lights and hot tap piss?Maybe we should ban pencils, pens, and paper so we cant write anything on our hands that we can take out of the building? Just like how the doctors know when and where to use their cell phone, so do the direct rush staff. Its not the technology, its the users. I think a few of us have commented on the very valid point that the perpetrators were in violation f several laws and the ethical standards of the profession. Lets see them get the punishment they have earned. But misusing a tool wont terminate by removing the tool there eer will be substitutes.Perhaps not having a phone in your hand was a luxury a few long time ago, but today, its expected. I will not answer personal calls and really I dont believe that personal calls to staff of any kind (yes , I do misbegotten the sick family members, the kids in school, and the spouses stuck in traffic) should be validated (http//allnurses. com/nursing- news/lawmakers-curb-cell-392956-page3. html) These cell phones catch in all shapes, olors, and sizes for our personal use. The cell phones are in such posit for this nation because they are very convenient.

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