Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Role of Money and Economic :: essays research papers

Power, education, wealthiness, poverty, and economic probability are all fonts, not the only aspects, which determine a societies do and development. Throughout the duration of this class we take on thoroughly examined these aspects and many much through moderates and movies. Books such as The Republic by Plato, An Enemy of The heap by Henrik Isben, The Laughing Sutra by Mark Salzman, and Nickled and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. We entertain in any case found these characteristics to be common in movies such as plug-in the Dog, Moscow on the Hudson, and Manwate. All of these previously mentioned forms of information have included one or more of the aspects that have either tending build or helped destroy the society mentioned within the particular book or movie. In the following I will be discussing these received aspects and how they have had an affect on the outcome of these societies.Platos The Republic is a wonderful example of a society that is built or knowing to use some of the best aspects to help form a blameless society. Even though Plato made it a point to not have classes amongst the masses stubinnate(p) by how much money they made he still had groups of people that where better then others. Wealth wasnt as big an issue to Plato as skills or education was. He believed wealth was destructive. A person who has wealth will be overcome by greed and not want to work and work was what his society was found on. Plato didnt use poverty to keep people powerless since in his society money wasnt a very important aspect of success. Keeping people more or less powerful was determined by what class of citizen they were. Classes shaped Platos perfect society. Some were born to be leaders, others were born to be guardians, and others workers. Opportunity for the economy to progress was Platos whole plan. In other words, Plato molded his society in a way that they would have and be the best of the best, so economic opportunity was very important and available. Plato believed that a perfect society can be based on equality but he also believed that at that place should still be classes of leaders, guardians, and workers.In contrast to The Republic, wealth was so much more important to the society in Enemy of The secernate. Even though it was said to have equality amongst the people, wealthy people were the main ones who were heard and allowed to speak out.

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