Friday, February 1, 2019

Comparing Nothings Changed and Half-Caste Essay -- Tatamkhulu Afrika

canvas Nothings Changed and Half-CasteHalf-Caste and Nothings Changed are two rimes that, despite havingdifferent subjects, are full of similarities. some(prenominal) Half-Caste andNothings Changed express anger. Although, the object of their angeris different. The anger in Half-Caste is considered at language, or muchspecifically the use of one phrase term the anger in NothingsChanged is towards a culture. In Half-Caste Caribbean dialect is used.Nothings Changed is written in standard English. However, bothwriters chose to use free verse meaning that incomplete poem followsspecific rules or patterns.In Half-Caste the poem is written from the writers vantage point. Which manner the demander is able to see the writers personal feelings aboutthe term half-caste. The rise line, Excuse me files that the poemis written from the writers point of view as acknowledgment me is a phraseused by someone when they want to extend a conversation. I feel that ifthe poem was written from another persons viewpoint it would losesome of its effect. The emotion in the poem would come across lessstrongly and seem less real, as it wouldnt be genuine whether thewriter actually feels the anger expressed in the poem or just thinksthat people might feel that way. Half-Caste is written as aconversation and therefore is in first person. You can see that thepoem is a conversation in lines such as line 33 where it says, Ahlistening to yu... and line 47, ...yu must come back tomorrow. Bothof these lines show that the poet is talking to another person. Ithink this is good as it is original. I also think it makes the poemmore personal to you as you read it and so, perhaps, makes you thinkmore about what Agard is saying... ... reach outch demonstrate the hostility of the environment and the cans factor there is litter, often places affected by litter are run downareas, areas that are not taken care of or unlived in. In the secondstanza, he uses repetition of the word and to empha size that every break-dance of his body has been affected. Contrast comes through in hisdescription of the inn and the surround area. Line 20, ...... thegrass and weeds. points out the difference between the posh current innand its location. Afrika uses contrast later on in the poem too. Infact, stanza five, entirely contrasts stanza four, and is there todemonstrate the huge differences between the lives of whites andblacks.Agard uses simple and direct language in Half-Caste. This allows himto get his point across to the reader more easily than if he were touse lots of unnecessary words and phrases.

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