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History of Parental Involvement in Education Essay examples -- Parent

History of upraise Involvement Prior to the 1850s, before in the public eye(predicate) grooming existed, upraises and families were responsible for the education of their children. During the late 1800s and early 1900s education in schools became panoptic spread. As public education grew and teachers became professionals many another(prenominal) began to believe that professionals alone should be responsible for educating children (Stein and Thorkildsen). As years went by, families saluteed whatever concern about this new view on who should be in charge of their childrens education. Parents began to show their concern for this division in education in the 1987 when the topic Congress of Mothers, the foundation for the Parent Teacher Association, was organise (Stein and Thorkildsen). Since 1987 many to a greater extent steps have been taken in an move to evaluate the importance of put up involvement in education and to get along parents to be involved in their child s schooling. Family Structure Parent involvement in a childs schooling has proved to be beneficial to the child regardless of the situation. The amount of the effectiveness of the parent involvement is directly related to the structure of the family that the child comes from. A National Household Education Survey (NHES) from 1996 shows that children from dual parent homes are more inclined to excel academically and become involved in adulterous activities. More so, they are not as likely to repeat a grade or be given a suspension, especially if their fathers show interest and become involved (Nord). In 38.5 percent of dual parent households parents actively help their child with homework three or more times a week (National Center for Education Statistics). In nows ever changing society dual parent ho... ... EBSCO Database. Retrieved blemish 8, 2002 from Eric Database. U.S. Department of Education. (1991). Other centre of attention grade resources, Parent involvement at th e middle school level. National Committee for Citizens in Education. Retrieved February 18, 2002 from the World encompassing Web www.middle This is a well designed web site that provides resources for parents and teachers of middle school aged children. Articles, news stories, diaries, chats, newsletters, and hot links are getable on this web site. Wherry, J. (2002). Selected parent involvement research. The Parent Institute. Retrieved April 11, 2002 from the world wide web http// This bit of selected research comes from the parent institute web site. The information provided on this page is supported by numerous references.

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