Monday, February 4, 2019

Anxiety Disorder Essay -- Diseases, Disorders

It is perfectly radiation diagram for any human being often to be nervous origin distributively(prenominal)y making an important decision or before taking a test. But in some skids, the nervousness is extreme leading to a condition known as Anxiety Disorder. This is a serious and un-preventable intellectual condition where by worry and fear is constantly overwhelming. It affects people from all age groups starting in childhood. The most common symptoms of perplexity perturbs includes dizziness, alter mouth, shortening of breaths, nightmares, sleeping problem, not able to concentrate or cling calm, panic, fear and uneasiness amongst others. Anxiety disorder can reach to a point of the patient of not being able to lead a normal life (Chakraburtty, 2009).The symptoms can be lessened by the patient seeking help from a professional counselor in case they detect the slightest hint of the symptoms or after a traumatizing experience. People should too observe the quantities of co ffee, tea, and chocolate they consume for these substances contains caffeine which is a known anxiety stimulant. Also, people should take caution and only consume medicines proscribed by a qualified medical doctor. This is because majority of medicines and herbal solutions bought over the incompatible contains chemicals known to cause the anxiety symptoms. The main cause of anxiety disorder is not certain, but continued mental research has shown that the disorders are caused by an array of factors. A chemical imbalance is among the probable causes of anxiety disorder. look into has also proved that the brains chemical balance can be affected by prolonged stress. The disorder also runs in families where by siblings inherit it from parents. However, some forms of the anxiety disorder may be triggered by trauma. T... people changing on what they eat and drink from nutrition that might provoke anxiety to more healthy food. It also involves exit bad lifestyle practices lik e excessive alcohol consumption and or else the need to lead a more responsible lifestyle.Group therapy This involves patients agony from anxiety disorder coming together and sharing experience on how to overcome various challenges that comes with the condition for the benefit of each of them. They give each other hope and advice on how to handle different situations in the upcoming (Prentice-hall, 1995-2002).Works CitedChakraburty Amal (2009), Anxiety disorders. Retrieved from http//, (1995-2002), Therapies objectives. Retrieved from http//

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