Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The way Homer conveys his stories to the audience :: Literature

The Way kor Conveys his Stories to the AudienceHomer who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey used a number of different techniques to scram his poems and stories to his audience. I will be writing about these in this essay. pay from the beginning of Book 9 we see Homers mightiness to convey the story well, he starts it with a monologue from Odysseus to King Alcinous on his adventure. It gets right into the action which wouldve held his audiences interest throughout. He finds ways to get some justifying things by pushing Odysseus right out of the known world down Cape Malea into the unknown. He is wherefore entirelyowed to create a fictional world, other dimension where he cant be corrected. He creates islands and peoples, whole civilisations of monsters. This I believe is an excellent example of Homers good topic.He also flickers all these stories unitedly from old folk tales and although there are some rebuff steals he was reciting it by mouth so couldnt just excite the b ackspace key he had to carry on even if he had made a mistake. The Cyclops story and others were probably not told together like they are in the Odyssey, they wouldve been told by different groups and tribes around fires. So this is another example of well Homer composes the whole story into atomic number 53 massive epic poem which is the Odyssey.Another example of his good composition is how he makes the whole thing into a formula, in formulaic epithet. non many people could probably do that straight away. He sometimes goes on auto-pilot by using the same phrases. E.g. As soon as Dawn appeared, fresh and rosy-fingered. This shows another good example of Homers composition excellence.Homer does make mistakes though, he sometimes when trying to weave the folk tales gets them jumbled up and doesnt correct them. E.g. The Cyclops then(prenominal) washed this meal down with unwatered milk It was not normal then to water milk and isnt now. We believe Homer made this mistake purposefull y, as in the original the Cyclops may have been tipsiness wine but that would mean the rest of the story wouldnt convey so he quickly replaced wine with milk but didnt get rid of unwatered.

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