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Network design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ne twork design - Essay ExampleIt has shown excellent performance in providing temporary shop spaces and delivering for the clients, which has resulted in an expansion in the business. A server based network is suggested for the company employing the Windows Small commerce Server 2008 to cater for the growing clientele as well as efficient business administration. These aspects entangle handling of the orders, transportation/delivery schedule management, storage capacity management at the warehouses, allocations of the duty shifts for the operators etc. Warehouses are referred to as WH-A,WH-B and WH-C in this essay. Each is to be provided with twenty Dell PCs and two 28-port managed switches to implement a star-hub topology. A wired LAN is suggested for the server-based network. CISCO is chosen for hardware components. NETWORK DESIGN Allen3 SERVER CONSIDERATIONS theater of operations Name The first step is to register a unique do chief(prenominal) name for the business to milit ary it online.The suggested name is slcorp for Storage and Logistics Corporation. The domain name is then hosted onto the web with the help of Windows Small rail line Server 2008. Windows Small Business Server 2008 Windows SBS 2008 is selected because it offers a range of necessary servers for the expanding SLC Corp. businesses like file conveyancing servers, employment servers, mail servers, fax servers,database servers,domain servers for WH-A.WH-B and WH-C,web servers etc. Windows SBS 2008 also offers end terminal services to executive director at the HQ so to ensure network data security and restricts accessibility of network data to the administrator only.It also provides space for back-up data in case of any contingence by using periphrasis systems. Server Disk Space A 1 GB disk space is recommended for the SLC Corp main server located at the HQ,Surrey. It will provides space for back-up data in case of any eventuality by using redundancy systems, along with providing the necessary partitioning of the network data from the user and application data. NETWORK TOPOLOGY USED The HQ at Surrey is to control and manage operations in the triplet warehouses WH-A,WH-B and WH-C ,which are at different locations in Greater London. Each warehouse has NETWORK DESIGN Allen4 crampfish sections namely Delivery and Storage. Hence 20 PCs are installed in each warehouse10 per section, to notice the log and record information about type of goods stored, quantity, time for which they are stored, delivery date, delivery venue, spec of the van and the driving staff, maintenance of the employee accounts, etc. A star-hub topology is to be used within the warehouses employing two 28-port managed switches for each of WH-A,WH-B and WH-C. The CISCO 500 Series 28-port switch is selected to reduce the number of hops to the main server, to put forward the performance of the network, to provide a single interface for all client systems and for a better preparation of firewall a nd DSL/T1 connectivity. Two 28-port switches at each of WH-A/WH-B/ WH-C will be sufficient for a network of 56 ports, out of which 20 ports will be linked up to the 20 installed PCs, leaving the unused ones for incoming or other applications. A managed type of 28-port switch is used, as it allows the administration the freedom to assign IP addresses for each PC in the warehouse, while automatically performing the function of routing table maintenance, system , congest management, internal /external problem specification ,alarm generation in case of security

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